Why Uganda Is a Popular Tourist Destination

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There is a strong resistance movement which is trying to bring about change within the school, church, and community life in the district of Lake Bunyonyi. Some of the famous Uganda celebrities include:

First lady Yusefbi Kalu is an ardent fan of the late Museums minister Kuki Museveni. She has been seen in the forefront of many demonstrations against Museveni. She has also been a target of death threats and had to flee to Germany to seek protection. The news of her departure created quite a stir in Uganda with her fans demanding justice. It was because of this that Museveni was forced to step down from his post.

A Big Hotel Chain In Uganda

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Uganda has been able to keep its grip on some celebrities even after they have left the country. John Attanicha who was a popular singer with the masses has been accused by some members of the public as being nothing more than a glorified pimp. He is now believed to be in hiding and is presumed to have left to get medical treatment for a serious ailment that he may be suffering from. A search for his whereabouts is on.

Paul McCartneys who was once a well sought after businessman has had a flutter of ventures in the past few years. He has attempted to take control of a big hotel chain in Uganda, failed in this endeavour, and ended up in a world of trouble. His business ventures in turn led to the news that he might be involved in criminal activities. This news however turned out to be false and McCartneys is free to roam wherever he wants.

Bob Marley’s Wife

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Bob Marley’s wife, Tina Knowles, has been the center of gossip in Kampala. She is said to be having an affair with the star of the movie King Kong. The tabloids however state that there was a separation between the couple but there has been no confirmation on this. Tina Knowles has denied the reports, saying that there is no romance going on. This however did not stop the rumors from circulating. People do not mind these celebrity gossip stories as long as they are true.

Uganda has long been plagued by terrorism, which made it a point that one should be vigilant against this menace. In fact the government is on a constant war footing against terrorists bent on destroying the country. Most of these terrorist attacks have been from inside the country leaving thousands dead and many more injured. There have also been reports of them traveling to neighboring countries such as Nigeria and Kenya to carry out their nefarious plans.

Museums And Monuments

Museums and monuments are some of the major attractions in Uganda such as the Bolesak Museum and the Uganda Museum. Some of the most notable personalities in Uganda have been the ones who played a big part in the country’s development.

This includes the former president Kuffour as well as the current president Museum. Uganda is home to some of the finest game reserves in Africa where one can go and watch animals in their natural habitats such as lions, elephants, buffalo and rhinos.


The country is a great place for all types of tourists, whether you are looking for adventure, fun or relaxation. A visit to Uganda will surely leave an impact on you. The landscape is stunningly beautiful and the people are very friendly. The only caution that one needs to take is that travel to Uganda should be undertaken with a lot of care as security in this area is quite high.

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