Why Is Black Gossip Blogs Targeting Black Celebrities

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Black Americans living in the United States have been targeted by a new wave of “gossip blogs” since the blog phenomenon exploded on the internet. These blogs are usually hosted by a person or individuals who claim to be experiencing “invisible culture” or “racism.” They will post whatever comes to their minds as they strive to make others think. Some of these bloggers claim to speak for the “silent majority” while others decry the “blackwashing of America.” The most offensive of these blogs target the black, female, and Asian American celebrities in hopes of swaying public opinion in their favor.

The Recent Uproar

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Recently, the uproar over a blog posted by Page Six led to a segment on Fox News devoted to discussing the topic with a reporter. The reporter was not concerned about the content of the blog itself but was instead fascinated with the reaction of the black celebrities involved. Several of the black celebrities had come out publicly against the bloggers. This was especially distressing because there are very few black celebrities in the public eye.

In fact, until the recent hullabaloo over Page Six, few blogs had ever been targeted by a news story. Instead, the stories were usually centered around more traditional media sources. As such, when black celebrities began speaking out against the blog, it was because they felt the impact of the post and accused the bloggers of cultural Appropriation. There was even some back and forth discussion about the use of the word “Nigger” in the blog.

The Post-report Controversy

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Since the controversy was first reported, there has been an amazing amount of coverage in the press and online. The blogger in question has been compared to both Robert Frost and Steve Jobs. The New York Times referred to the blog post as a “slip into the African American culture,” while USA Today referred to it as “an example of cultural Appropriation gone wrong.” Bloggers across the internet are claiming that the post is not only an example of cultural Appropriation but also hate speech. These bloggers question the motives of the blogger, the motives of the media, and the double standards of the American people.

Of course, all this hullabaloo has happened before with other black celebrities. Just ask Oprah Winfrey about her own blog and how she was attacked by bloggers. Yes, the comments were tasteless and inflammatory, but the mere presence of them did not warrant the attack from Winfrey or anyone else for that matter. So why are black celebrities being targeted more than everyone else? Is it because they speak their mind and are willing to say things that other people do not?

A Blogger’s Perspective

A blogger could say that it is unfair to have to be subject to stereotypes and to be accused of something you may not even be aware of yourself. Bloggers should be able to exercise their right to free speech, and make comments that are not racist, bigoted, or insensitive. It is also unfair to expect that black celebrities will just stop doing media shows or hold off on publishing books or coming out with new projects until all the negative feedback stops. By creating a blog or getting one written about someone, the blogger does the same thing other entertainers do when the public attacks them.

If black celebrities feel like their existence is threatened, they can always step into the public eye and say a few words on their blog to set the record straight. This is not done because the person criticizing them is trying to bully them into staying silent. No, black celebrities are simply exercising their rights as citizens of America and protecting them and their fellow Americans. They may not like the way that it is being done, but it is working. And we are a country of free speech.

In The End

Black people need to start blogging about issues that affect them and their communities. Black celebrities do not need to worry about being targeted by black gossip blogs, because those blogs exist already. Celebrities can take blogs like this and use them to promote their causes. And if these blogs bother the black community more, they should look into ways to silence these blogs rather than becoming the target. By doing this, the world will have a better understanding of exactly how they should respond when a black celebrity is attacked.

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