Truth behind the heart wrenching last photos of celebrities

last photos of celebrities

No matter how famous a celebrity might be, but death is an inevitable reality that might fall upon anyone. The reality is no one is ever really prepared for death and there are moments that people want to live forever. People take photographs with their loved ones to cherish the togetherness forever. If they are known about their last day on the planet, they also like to keep that memory alive by clicking pictures with their loved ones. Celebrities are no less than mere humans and these heart wrenching last photos of celebrities will help you pray for their souls and look at the picture with hope. 

The Last Photos Of Celebrities- Robin Williams 

A boy sitting

Robin Williams was one of the most famous celebrities and he has done commendable jobs in all of his movies. He was such a great actor who has been an inspiration till date for many young actors, as well as audiences. He was falsely diagnosed with Parkinson’s, whereas he had a peculiar Dementia. His Dementia would result in Paranoia, but he died after the false news of Parkinson’s broke out to him. His last photo was posted twenty days prior to his death where he was chilling with his monkey, Crystal. Crystal is spotted happily sitting on the shoulder of Mr. Williams, it is indeed heart wrenching. 

The Tragic Death Of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury holding a microphone

Freddie Mercury was one of the celebrated British singers who died of Bronchopneumonia. It was a disorder that occurred to him because of AIDS. There was a huge speculation amongst audiences of his AIDS which he always denied having. 24 hours prior to his death, he confessed to the world about his illness. He stated that he was always a private person and hence wanted to keep the news away from people concerning of the lives of his loved ones. The last photo of him was captured in a garden covered with flowers and he was posing for the camera. 

The Last Photos Of Celebrities- Chester Bennington

The renowned American singer Chester Bennington died at the age of 41 by committing suicide. His last photo was him chilling with his loved ones and smiling for the picture. After his death, his wife had posted his photo in social media stating that the picture is a disguise and you could never point to depression looking at such a happy face. He was battling with depression and addiction from a long time which was the reason why he took his life. 


These are some of the heart wrenching tales of people who smiled and created memory before taking their last breath. Their photos are an inspiration for their fans and people around to never stop believing. These pictures are evident enough that they are loved by people and these are the only remains of them that would last forever. These pictures will make you love them, miss them, and keep their memory alive forever, passing their stories to the further generation. 

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