Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson decides to congratulate Khloe Kardashian, who was her ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter. He posted this congratulatory note on Instagram to congratulate her family on winning the people’s choice award last night. The history of Tristan with Khloe was not too good because it was his multiple scandals with other women that led to their break up. All this happened at a time when she was pregnant. The entire affair was publicized. Most of the Khloe fan was not at all amused with this gesture of Tristan.

Kardashian Did Not Like Or Comment On This Message Of Tristan Thompson

Till now, no reaction has come from Kardashian. She has neither liked nor commented on this particular post. But her fans did share their thoughts in their comments. They have clearly stated that due to the bad past that this couple shared, he has got no right to keep in touch with her. Others have said that the only reason why he was trying to renew their old relationship is that she is doing well in her life without him.

At the beginning of October, Tristan was trying to show some more interest. He wanted to be something more to her than just co-parenting. Khloe is also giving second thoughts about whether he should get back to him. But fans are trying to remind Khloe about the past disrespectful behavior of Tristan. But the issue seems to be a little different. This is because she is finding it quite challenging to move on from Tristan. The only way to go past this is to get someone else who will take good care of her. But unfortunately, she has not got anyone like that till now.

What Does The Instagram Post Have To say?

In the Instagram post, Tristan has called Khloe as Momma Koko and has congratulated her on her achievements. He has also expressed that he is happy for her and her family for winning this award two years in a row. He is happy about their achievements. He has further gone on to say that Revenge Body has always been his favorite. He also goes on to say that he is pleased with her and her sister’s achievements. She should keep leading from the forefront and be a real role model for future generations.

The fans of Kardiarshan have reminded her about the bitter past she had with Tristan Thompson. They have also asked him to stay away from her and let her live her life. These fans are true Khloe fans and are always wishing good things to happen to her. But as far as Tristan is concerned, you can surely appreciate him for his kind words. Having said this, all of you must leave this to Khloe because it is her life. She should be the one to make a decision.

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