Top Five Skinny Gossip Celebrities Rumors

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Do you want to know more about celebrities? What do they do in their real life? These public figures or celebrities have lots of rumors all around. Nowadays, various sources like social media or news channels are always behind these celebrities and try to get some news. From these sources, you can find various news and rumors which you can find on various sites and magazines. Some of these skinny gossip celebrities are correct, and some are just rumors to create publicity or gets out from some fake sources. Celebrities always try to keep their personal lives away from the public, but somehow, it gets mixed and results in various conflicts and rumors.

Let’s see some of the skinny gossip celebrities recently spread out from various media channels and social media.

Rihanna Covers Her And Drake’s Matching Shark Tattoo After Five Years

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Rihanna got a matching shark tattoo which she got in 2016, which matches his boyfriend drake. After she was photographed during the PDA-packed night out, she found that she covered the shark tattoo. But drakes still have that same shark tattoo under his arm.

Jennifer Aniston Didn’t Understand Matthew Perry’s Anxiety During Friends

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After 25 years of Friends union, Jennifer Aniston is still discovering new details about her co star Matthew Perry. She mentioned on Morning Show that she does not understand the anxiety and self-torture put on Matthew Perry during the show.  It turned out to be the skinny gossips celebrities after the release of the Friends’ reunion episode.

Brittany Spear Returns To Instagram As A Skinny Gossip Celebrity

Britney spear returns to Instagram after understanding her presence on social media. She posted a long post on Thursday mentioning and apologizing about her past posts on Instagram. She also mentioned the quote from Albert Einstein.

Jensen And Danneel Ackles Are Bringing A Supernatural Prequel

Supernatural is on its way to returning in the form of a prequel. According to the deadlines, it will be called Winchesters. Jensen Ackles and his wife will produce it. Jensen will come up with the old role of Dean Winchester to narrate the story, which Robbie Thompson writes. After the 15th season of the supernatural, the audience was expecting more, and here it is.

Oprah Winfrey Sends Her 5-Year-Old Girl To Disneyland

After this pandemic, Oprah Winfrey surprised her five-year-old Eliana Pauls and designer Kelly Kenney with a trip to Disneyland after a long quarantine. There was a time when Oprah herself played the role of fairy godmother, and now she is so kind proved that magic still exists and presented a wonderful gift to the girl. It all started on Twitter, where Kelly shared several stories about Eliana Pauls, and it turned Oprah to present her a gift.


You can get to know about so many skinny gossip celebrities which happened recently. Some celebrities were in the news like Oprah, Brittany Spears, Rihanna, and many more. You can go through some of the news mentioned above and keep yourself updated about the celebrities.

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