Top Celebrities Gossip Website To Follow In 2020

Top Celebrities Gossip

We all love the top celebrities gossip, don’t we? Whether or not we are much of a movie lover, these gossips have a special place and often becomes part of our conversation with peers and friends, and even family. They are quite entertaining, to be honest! And, these websites are the best when it comes to getting the latest hot gossip in town delivered fresh to you. Check out a list of some of the best celebrity gossip sites that you need to follow in 2020. 

Which Top Celebrities Gossip Sites Should You Check Out?

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Let’s check out the list of the top gossip sites that have the most recent news and the most authentic ones. This list is by no means exhaustive, and you can always add to it. But, these are certainly some of the best ones. 


This one is a “controversial and ground-breaking celebrity gossip magazine”! They are quite updated and you will find the gossips on-point and direct. The latest news segment is updated regularly so that you don’t miss out on the world events either as you skim through the celebrity section. 

E! Online

Follow E! Online to get the best celeb gossips while enjoying the exclusive video clips and the Red Carpet photos. The magazine isn’t very snarky and you will occasionally get breaking news as well. 


People is where you visit for all the candid pictures and behind the scene gossips and interviews with celebrities. You won’t get many breaking news here, but this is a good read nonetheless. 

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is known for the juicy gossips and all the updates on what’s going on inside Hollywood. Extremely snarky and there are plenty of breaking news to keep you glued. 


DListed is for those who love the wicked humor attractive as well as quite comfortable with the off-color humor. Also, very snarky and the breaking news are really attractive as well.  


Popsugar is perfect place for really attractive candid shots of celebs accompanied with some gentle humor. It is also the place if you wish to know about the latest trends and the breaking news. 

Celebuzz! (The Superficial)

If you were looking for some NSFW magazines on the top celebrities gossip, this is the one you got to check out. But, mind it, this one sure comes with a fair share of embarrassing and risqué photos, along with snarky comments. 

Yahoo! Entertainment

Yahoo! Entertainment still retains a place on the list as a nice place for a rich mix of celeb news and gossips, as well as get the exclusives and interesting videos. Though, the way the company is going, not sure when we might have to bid adieu. 


group of reporters

ONTDA community forum is the one you will love to be part of if you wish to get the celeb news and gossips firsthand. This place is full of extremely snarky comments. And, it certainly gets you all the latest news updates.

Wonderwall is an attractive site that’s extremely user-friendly and have a great collection of both pictures and news. You won’t get many latest updates, but will surely be interesting to read as leisure. 

Do you have any that’s your favorite? Share them as well, but don’t forget to subscribe to these. 

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