Top 5 Websites to Download Photos of Celebrities -

Top 5 Websites to Download Photos of Celebrities

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Downloading a photo is becoming a part and parcel of your daily life. Today’s social media life has so many extra activities. Blogging, or posting a video on YouTube, or simply post something on Facebook is a part of daily life. And all these activities need some photos. A survey says that people tend to read those posts on Social Media and blogs which have good photos. People’s mind gets attracted to it. So, to post an ad or blog or anything you post, you need quality photos. While posting something about celebrities, there are only a few websites where you can get some quality pictures. So, here is a list of the top 5 websites to download photos of celebrities.

Getty Images – Website for Photos of Celebrities

If you are looking for a professional website that dominated the editorial section for decades, your answer is Getty images. From Getty Images you can find pictures of any celebrity for your blogging or any other purposes. Getty Images is probably the only website which has its own set of photographers just to click some exclusive photos of different celebrities. From Getty Images you can have packs of celebrity photos which values are different as well as the number of the pictures. If you want a professional website for some exclusive and never seen before snaps, you can always go for the Getty Images.

Top 5 Websites to Download Photos of Celebrities
Top 5 Websites to Download Photos of Celebrities – Website for Photos of Celebrities

If any website can give Getty Images a run for its money, it is Shutterstock. Over the years, Shutterstock represents themselves professionally with the help of collaboration of different partners. No, it is still not there to topple the best, but over the years, the website becomes a successful substitute for the big gun. They might not get that level of exclusive photos, but you can download many exclusive photos of their own which they offer against a small sum of money.  You can use these celebrity photos wherever you want like ads, blogs, etc.

Rex Features

One of the little known websites, but Rex Features is one of the best websites where you can download celebrity pictures for various purposes. On this website, you can get the pictures of any celebrity you want.  The most important feature you can find on this website that you can choose the non-exclusive license and the valuation of the package is also not fixed. The variable packaging ensures that you need to pay up to the use of the pictures. This affordability of the pictures ensures the best service this website can provide and it shows the professionalism merely some websites have.

Top 5 Websites to Download Photos of Celebrities
Top 5 Websites to Download Photos of Celebrities


If you do not want to join the Shutterstock website 99club is one of the best substitutes. This website has almost 4 million premium images with high resolution. An important aspect of the website is that it has a royalty-free license. So, you can use the photos infinite times. So, if you are using the photos to post in a blog o publish somewhere you do not have to pay every time. You can subscribe to this beautiful website within a minimal price of $99. But if you get lucky you may find some offers and get a discount on the offers.


Though Shutterstock has a larger collection of photos, iStock can be an alternative website where you can find photos of your favorite celebrity. The most important feature of an iStock photo is its signature. If you use a picture with a signature, the value of the picture goes higher. On this website, you can get quality pictures of anybody. It is also a royalty-free website where artists from every corner contribute to the website. After buying the royalty-free license of the site, you can use the photos even in advertising, blogs, etc. You do not even need to credit the photos if you buy the license.

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