Top 10 Gossip for Celebrities You Must Know

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Gossip about celebrities is a favorite pastime for many. People always search for different gossips about their favorite celebrities to find what is going on in their lives. So, here are the top 10 gossip for celebrities that may intrigue you.

Gossip of Celebrities – Khloe Kardashian Is in Relationship with Tristan Thompson, again!

The coronavirus pandemic may bring us many difficulties, but it also healed some broken hearts. As per reports, Khloe and Tristan are back together. Though their relationship faced Tristan’s unfaithfulness and broke the relation twice, Khloe decided to forgive her daughter’s father and gave him another chance.

Hope, 3rd time is the lucky charm.

Gossip of Celebrities – #FreeBritney – Spears Confesses!

A big storm rocked Hollywood when the #FreeBritney movement started to get some heat. And now the celebrity confessed that she was exploited by her conservators. Even, her father exploited her daughter while she was in the prime of her career. She further stated that even her caretakers held her captive. Let’s hope, this will change after the hearing of the case in the court.

Gossip of Celebrities – Batman Tests Positive for COVID!

The caped crusader who continues its fight against the baddies has a new villain in his life. While filming the reboot of the Batman series, Robert Pattinson, who is donning the cape in the new movie, tested COVID positive. Though Warner Bros did not confirm it, the film is halted and all the crew members are isolated by the protocols.

Top 10 Gossip for Celebrities You Must Know
Top 10 Gossip for Celebrities You Must Know

Gossip of Celebrities – Black Adam also has COVID!

You may know that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is donning the role of Black Adam in the next Shazam movie. But, as per the reports, the highest-paid actor in Hollywood was tested positive. But that’s not all. Sadly, his 2 daughters are also tested positive.

Hope, they get well soon.

Gossip of Celebrities – Meghan Markle’s Secret Instagram

Once you posted on the internet, it’s for a lifetime. After Prince Harry’s relationship with the actress made public, she made her Instagram page delete. But many posts of this page recently saw the light of the day again. The Duchess of Sussex may not post any update on the page now, but her old ones making some news after all.

Celebrity Gossip -Kim K’s Self-Proclaimed Hotness

2020 is not a good year for the human race. But for Kim Kardashian, it turned bad to worse as Kayne West accused her of several allegations including cheating. But, her fight with Kylie Jenner turned into another brewing storm after she lashes on the later and claims that she is way hotter than Kyle.

Brad Pitt’s GF Nicole Poturalski is Marries, and Her Husband Does Not Have a Problem about the Affair

Yup, you heard it right. She is married. But it seems that her husband does not have any problem with the affair. On the other hand, Brad, who is married to Angelina Jolie, is on verge of a divorce. In Hollywood, anything is possible I guess.

Top 10 Gossip for Celebrities You Must Know
Top 10 Gossip for Celebrities You Must Know

Chadwick Boseman – A Hero Died too soon

Some days ago, Chadwick Boseman was declared dead after fighting a long battle of colon cancer. He was a true hero. He never disclosed his long battle to his fans. When the official statement was issued the fight of the actor became known too all.

A hero died too soon. Wakanda Forever!

Selena Gomez’s Ice Cream

The new sailor-like bikini, which she wore in her latest collaboration with K-Pop band Blackpink, is making waves. She not only donned the red and white bikini, but she also posted her the picture with mermaid-like hair look online with simply three ice-cream emojis.

Ellen Degeneres’ ‘Toxic’ Show off the Air

As the scandal blew that the Ellen Degeneres Show has a toxic environment, many channels including Channel Nine in Australia, pulled its plug effective immediately. Though the star of the show tried to start the show and help the staff by paying them, this move can close the show permanently.

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