Top 10 Celebrity News And Photos

Top 10 Celebrity News And Photos

Keen to know about your favorite celebrity? Longing to find out what your idol is doing? Here are few celebrity news and photos that you will love. 

Celebrity News And Photos – Rihanna Talks About Her Upcoming Music

Rihanna is a big name in the music. She is all set to launch her latest music album. Rihanna says it is worth the wait. She promised not to disappoint her fans. Rihanna has always wooed her fans with her voice. It is good to wait for her next release.  

Celebrity News And Photos – Megan Markel’s Tiara

Top 10 Celebrity News And Photos
Top 10 Celebrity News And Photos

The gossip about Megan Markel and Queen Elizabeth II disagreeing over her wedding tiara has been put to rest. Now the truth is out. Megan wore the diamond center-stone tiara, borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II on her wedding day, and most certainly there was no disagreement over the same. 

Celebrity News And Photos – Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Welcomes Their First Child

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are super excited to welcome Willa. She is their baby daughter. Willa was born on 22nd July. The Jonas family is receiving non-stop calls from friends and family ever since. 

Princess Diana’s Niece, Amelia And Her Engagement

Amelia Spencer is Princess Diana’s niece. She got engaged on 22nd July 2020. Amelia and Greg Mallett dated for 11 long years.

Blue Ivy’s Presence In Black Is King

The eight-year-old Blue Ivy made an appearance in her album Black is King. This is Beyoncé’s daughter. The viewers can’t just stop gushing over her super performance in the album. 

Celebrity News And Photos – Selena Gomes And Her Not-So-Frequent Posting On Instagram

Top 10 Celebrity News And Photos
Top 10 Celebrity News And Photos

The superstar explained to her fans about her minimal appearance during this pandemic situation. Recently she released a video talking about why she is keeping it low. Selena thinks this is not the right time to post about joyful moments.

Demi Lovato And Her Much Talked About Engagement Ring

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich declared their engagement a few days back. Here is jaw-dropping news about her engagement ring. Her engagement ring costs somewhere between $2.5 million and $5 million. Ehrich wanted something unique for Lovato. He played a major role in designing the ring. 

Celebrity News And Photos – Tom Holland And Nadia Parkes Are Official Couples

Tom Holland is in no mood to hide his relationship with Nadia Parkes. He took to Instagram to make the news official. This couple dated for two months. They even quarantining together in this pandemic situation.  

Megan Thee Stallion Talks About Her Surgery

Megan Stallion spoke about the day she was shot multiple times. This puts all the rumors of arrest to rest. Megan’s co-performer Tony Lanez was carrying a gun with him. He shot her in the foot. The police arrested him and took Megan to the hospital. 

Celebrity News And Photos – Zendaya And Emmy Nomination

Zendaya celebrated her first Emmy Nomination with an emotional message on Instagram. She acted in HBO’s Euphoria. Zendaya got the nomination for ‘Outstanding Lead Actress’ for this. She expressed her happiness and excitement on Instagram.

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