Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Brown


Chris Brown or Breezy hails from a small town in Virginia. He is an early bloomer used to deliver some epic performances in the musicals. He used to sing in churches and on some other stages and by the age of 15, he signed a contract with the Jive Records. Chris Brown is a famous actor, singer and dancer and songwriter now. He is one such singer who has many titles and so many other records under his belt. Most of the people don’t know Chris Brown completely. Here are some of the things that almost no one is familiar with Chris Brown.

He Danced In Diapers

As said, Chris Brown was a gifted child with the innate talent of music and dance. He started dancing at the age of 2 years, and till today he didn’t stop it. Chris Brown’s all-time favorite pop singer is Michael Jackson, and while his songs were played on TV, he started imitating him. This is how his journey into the music world started. His parents encouraged him since his childhood, which has aided him a lot.

Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Brown
Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Brown

Chris Brown Is Old School

While the millennial thinks of Chris Brown as their idol and follow him, Chris Brown is someone who loves the old school music a lot. The idols that he cherishes and follows are Michael Jackson, Kim Burrell, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Usher, Teddy Pendergrass, and Donnie Hathway.

One day Michael Jackson reached out to Chris and said that he liked Chris’s “Shortie Like Mine” song. Chris Brown is someone who likes 80s style more and prefers it over modern dressing style. While he dresses every day depending upon his mood, he mostly prefers the 80s dressing style.

He Started Acting In Elementary School

Chris Brown is a person who started shining at a very early age. He started acting in his elementary school. He was starred in a school drama Elvis which was portrayed based on Elvis. This was the beginning of his lucrative career.

He Suffered Domestic Violence

Chris Brown’s lived with his , who was a psychopath. His stepdad has subjected him and his mother to so many abuses. He was tortured during his childhood, along with his mom. His stepdad used to beat his mom to death and then tortured this little kid too. Chris Brown says that he hates his stepdad to the core back then and till today. As he came from an abusive family, he was very strong and empathetic too.

He Has His Own Insecurities

Yes, the person who has a successful career, money, and fame that everyone hopes for has his own set of insecurities. Chris is 6’1″ now, and he is always afraid that he will grow even bigger. He stays in a constant fear that if he becomes even taller, he won’t be able to dance as he is doing now. Similar to any other human being, Chris had his short comes, and he always keep fearing about his insecurities.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Brown