Things That You Need To Know About Intouch Celebrity Gossip Magazine

intouxh celebrities gossip magazine

Intouch celebrity gossip magazine is a American magazine that brings you the latest news on celebrities and the Intouch celebrity magazine is truly a great source of news. You will get all that you need about Hollywood from this weekly magazine. You will also get beauty tips and fashion tips along with other things in this amazing magazine. The target audience of this magazine is young women and teenage girls who like to know all about their favorite celebrities and also look at the stunning pictures of actors and actresses. The magazine is the best way to get your news on Hollywood and also get to know some celebrities through their interviews and their live stories that are published in the magazine.

History Of The Magazine

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The magazine was released in 2002 by the publishing company known as Bauer. Richard Spencer was the main editor of this magazine till 2010. This magazine solely focused on celebrity gossip and shared all the news that was going around in Hollywood. The magazine faced many controversies through its time and there are several ones that landed this magazine in trouble. It published a police investigation of Josh Duggar which led to a lot of problems for the magazine and it was heavily criticized for doing so. But, thankfully no one pressed any charges against the magazine which saved it from any further issues.

What Is The Price Of The Magazine?

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The price of the magazine is $4.99 for a single issue. But, you can also subscribe to the magazine weekly and the price that you have to pay for an annual subscription is $83.20. If you love all the latest celebrity news and the gossip that is going around then you must subscribe to know everything. All the issues tell you the latest gossip and it also has all the Hollywood stories that take place in a week. So, it means that you will get a weekly dose of Hollywood news from this magazine which is awesome.

How To Read This?

Well, you can obviously buy the print issue of this magazine from any shop near you. But, you can also read the magazine on your kindle, Pc, and laptop as well which is amazing. You will get all the latest celebrity news from the comfort of your home without stepping out to buy the latest issue. You might also get some discount if you buy the magazine online which is even better. Also, if you read your magazine on the go then you can also get it on your mobile and read it while you get to work. This is the most amazing thing about this one and if you love all things Hollywood then you need to get this!


The Intouch celebrity gossip magazine is the right dose of Hollywood that everyone needs to get the latest scoop. You will also get amazing pictures of the celebrities that you like and also more stories about them. It also gives you a chance to know your favorite celebrities by taking their interviews and putting them in the magazine.

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