The Whole Upside Down Happened When Celebrities Icloud Photos Got Leaked On The Internet

celebrities icloud photos

Was it true that the  celebrity’ iCloud photos got leaked? How are celebrities affected by photos leaked? This incident took place on 13 August 2014. Approximately 500 collections of private photos of various celebrities leak on the internet. Various sites and apps from an apple iCloud mainly include a woman and with much-containing nudity. This incident has significantly affected the reputation of Apple security. And this incident is also affecting the selling market of apple products and company stocks worldwide. Media and the internet show this incident with names of “The Happening” and “Celebgate.” This incident happened  three-time in the same year. On 20 September, hackers’ second batch of private photos was leaked to other celebrities. And the third batch is a leak on 26 September, which gets the name of “Flappening 3”.

Affected Celebrities Icloud Photos By A Leak


The leak of photos, videos, and data from iCloud privacy service to internet porn and adult sites by hackers. In these incidents, many celebrities are affected all over the world. Many affected celebrities are given self-statements on a leak of Celebrity’s iCloud photos. A list of celebrities affected by this incident is Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Justin Verlander, mary Elizabeth Winsted, Jessica Brown Findlay, Kaley Cuoco, Kirsten Dunst, jill Scott, Arian grande, Yvonne Strahovski, Makayla Maroney, victoria justice, nick Hagon, and more.  These celebrities are seen with a similar feeling by this leaking case. A leak of their unwanted photos also decreases the popularity of these celebrities.

Reaction On The Leak Of The Photos


After this incident, many celebrities and other people started to tweet about Apple’s privacy securities and customer trust in it. After Apple’s CEO self-stated an interview, they say sorry for his leaks of Celebrity’s iCloud photos. And also gives trust to enhance the privacy and security of the Apple iCloud. After this interview, Apple has taken several steps for security purposes. They say to their users to change the passwords of the ICloud, step-to-step authentication is also established by the company, and more steps.

Investigation On These Incidents

Apple filed a complaint against this Celebrity iCloud photos leakage case to the FBI and celebrities also complained about his case to the FBI. After investigation, he found that one hacker did this scam. The victim has created a fake id of apple securities name and gains information of these users for securities purposes. After reaching full info about their accounts, they copy all their data and leak it on internet sites. This case is finished in 2019 by an FBI investigation, and the victim has gone to prison. 


The leakage of celebrities’ iCloud photos significantly affected their image and also decreased the fame of the apple company. On this matter, Apple took several steps to enhance the security and privacy systems. By one hacker is declining the name or fame of celebrities and companies.  This case is finished in the year 2019, by which the victim goes to prison.

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