The Ultimate Guide To Daily Gossip Celebrities

daily gossip celebrities

Well, there are many that you may be able to recognize and if you do know about them, chances are you probably find them a little bit amusing or maybe a little bit offensive. Most people have a certain level of tolerance for gossip and a few people think it is cruel. But the fact is that if you are able to look at both sides of the daily gossip celebrity, you will be able to see where they are coming from. This article is going to cover two celebrities that often come under fire from members of the press and gossip community. Both actors and actresses can have their opinions about them criticized, but then their fans will often defend them in whatever way they choose.

First we will examine the Oscar winner, Donald Trump. Many have accused him of being a bully and even a demagogue, but his most ardent supporters seem to think that is only because he is telling the truth. One of the things that Trump is known for is saying things on the microphone that are controversial, so that is one of the reasons that he has become the target of so much gossip and discussion.

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes

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Two different members of the Hollywood heavy-hitter squad, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were recently in the news for somewhat different reasons. The first time that they were in the news was because their marriage was in trouble. Tom Cruise’s marriage with Nicole Kidman ended in divorce after 21 years together. While her own marriage to Nicole Kidman was a huge part of the gossip that followed them around for the last couple of decades, they were not the only two people in the news. Nicole Kidman’s own marriage to Todd Napier resulted in divorce as well. These two celebrities were the first two celebrities to be in the gossip headlines.

Then there was another pair of celebrity couples that made the news. American Idol’s Danny Gokey and Melanie Brown were married in 2021. They were the second gay couples to get married in America. Both couples have been in the gossip columns for quite some time.

John Edwards And Sarah Palin

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A different kind of celebrity who appears regularly in the gossip columns is that of politicians. Two different members of Congress, John Edwards and Sarah Palin have been in the news almost every day this year. Both of them are candidates for President of the United States, so their political views and lifestyle have had an impact on the gossip columns for over a year now.

Politicians can be subject to gossip all year long, but they rarely do anything about it. They usually run for re-election or cabinet positions in the new year, so it is only natural that they will keep their public lives relatively quiet for the next couple of months before taking another step towards a possible Presidential run.

George Clooney And Jennifer Lopez

Then there is the question of actors and actresses, which include George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. These two are the newest faces of Hollywood, but they have been the subjects of gossip for quite some time now. It would not be surprising if either one of them had rumors about an engagement in the recent past.

Another celebrity gossip story that involves politicians is the story of Sarah Palin’s affair with another man while she was still the Governor of Alaska. The tabloids have always reported that the affair was completely innocent, but the left wing bloggers believe that Sarah Palin used the affair as a “dirty secret” just to bolster her public image. In any event, both parties seem to be back on good terms soon enough.


So what does all this celebrity gossip have to do with politics? Well, the answer really depends on your perspective. If celebrity gossip offends you, then you probably view celebrity gossip in the same way that terrorists and war criminals view the media. Perhaps, the most disturbing thing about celebrity gossip is that it is often filled with lies. This means that those politicians who take offense at such lies are doing exactly what they accuse their political enemies of doing.

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