The Top 5 Most Followed Celebs on Instagram -

The Top 5 Most Followed Celebs on Instagram

The Top 5 Most Followed Celebs on Instagram

The advent of Instagram has begun to make people share their photos as well as their day to day updates for the stranger. After all, this social platform was originally invented as a place where the users can upload their photos, videos and day to day life stories. However, with the emergence of Instagram, it has become as one of the most popular resources in the world. As it is just not a social photo network but it has become a lifestyle of many people. Like other social media platform, Instagram also has its own leaders and number of subscribers.

Would you love to know who are these people or we can say as celebs that have collected the most following counts on Instagram. The lists of 5 most popular followed celebs in the world are given below have a look!

The Top 5 Most Followed Celebs on Instagram
The Top 5 Most Followed Celebs on Instagram

The List Of Top 5 Followed Celebs On Instagram

The Top 5 Most Followed Celebs on Instagram
The Top 5 Most Followed Celebs on Instagram

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a well-known actress, singer, author and composer in the musical world. She took on everything that starred with recorded albums, numerous films, and numerous concerts. The photos of Selena Gomez has over 138 million followers that have made her even more popular over the social media platforms.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players. However, his full name sounds like Cristiana Ronaldo DOS Santos Aveiro. He is playing football in his Italian club ‘Juventus’ and has become the owner of the golden ball which resembled as the best Europe player in football. He has also been awarded the golden booth in a row of four times. Apart from this, Cristiana Ronaldo has made his name in being one the top second list of followers on social media. He has over 128 million followers that have counted him under the section of most followed celebs over Instagram.

 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is one of the youngest American singer and actress that have gained a lot of popularity over the world with her unusual tone of voice that has conquest the hearts of many fans. The career of Ariana Grande began at the early stages of her childhood, and now she is in between to recorded many films, albums, and tv series. With her popularity among the young teenagers, she has grasped the position of being on the most popular followed celebs on Instagram. She has over 121 million flowers in Instagram as well as in other social media platforms that are growing each day.


Beyonce is a well known legendary figure in the world since the early 21st century. She has sold millions of her music albums. She has also grasped the Grammy award on several occasions. Her sensational vibe as a music artist has made her popular among social media platforms. With this, she has over 155 million followers that have made her in the list of most popular celebs in Instagram.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is well known American model as well as an actress that has already reached around 1million subscribers on her accounts of modeling. Kim Kardashian has made her name in whopping of more than 110 million followers on Instagram followed by adding a number in day to day consequently.

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