The Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram

The Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram

Celebrities are meant to be followed. Here are the most followed celebrities in Bollywood.

 One Of The Top Most Followed Celebrities, Salman Khan

The Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram
The Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram

Salman Khan loves to be surrounded by his entourage. He needs people around him everywhere he goes. Moreover, he especially loves it when people come over to his place. He is also very close and supportive of his family. There is no fakeness among them, and they care much for each other.

Salman is honestly pretty cool. His house has one small four-seater dining table. And once when big industrials had come over to his for dinner, there was a shortage of he casually pulled up a stool from the kitchen and ate holding his plate. He is super confident of himself and doesn’t ever really see the need to impress.

Extremely good looking in real life as well. His skin shines! He is aware of his indifferent nature. He is rather well-spoken and tends to speak with a slight accent.

Salman Khan is a fitness freak! He can cycle 30–40 km in Bombay roads and has done it with me at 1:00 PM during peak summers

One Among The Popular Celebrities: Katerina Kaif

The Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram
The Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram

She is undoubtedly beautiful. And she works on her body. Her followers keep on pondering how she has managed to survive in the industry for so long. She works hard. She works on her Hindi diction, her acting skills, her dance, and her body, almost every single day.

 During any interactions with her, she generally avoids speaking in Hindi, even with her bodyguard. She would try but fail. Her pronunciation in Hindi is worse in real life. But that’s understandable. Her followers ask a question repeatedly that how fluent is she in her third language. 

 People stalk her like crazy. Kate is afraid of the crowd, of being groped, again. She tries to avoid interacting with people as much as she can. She’s quite an introvert and doesn’t expect extroverts to understand her nature.

 She’s incredibly grateful to Salman Khan and his family, for accepting her when she was considering returning home. She is also thankful to Ram- Gopal Varma.

 As for her insecurities, she’s far away from any. She never expected to make it this far. Moreover, she has more fears, though. She wants to settle and start a family.

 She hates it when people take her pictures without her permission. However, she’s not the only person who hates that. Hundreds of people take her picture every day. Her enchanting look makes her be one of the most – followed – celebrities on Instagram.

Some Other Most Followed Celebrities In Bollywood Are:

Deepika Padukone – 38 million followers

Priyanka Chopra – 44 million followers

Alia Bhatt – 35 million followers

Virat Kohli – 38 million followers

Shradhha Kapoor – 31 million followers

Akshay Kumar – 28 million followers

Anushka Sharma- 26 million followers

Jacqueline Fernandez – 30 million followers

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