The popular name in rap music -

The Popular Name In Rap Music- Aubrey Drake Graham

The Popular Name In Rap Music- Aubrey Drake Graham
The Popular Name In Rap Music- Aubrey Drake Graham

You all know that music is the best source to entertain someone. In fact, it becomes an essential part of the people, and it is treated as the best medicine for the soul. That’s why the love for singers’ rappers among people is beyond limitless. However, it clearly shows the immense popularity of them and how they have performed throughout their career.

You will find different music genres. However, when people talk about rap music, there is a name that comes in everyone’s mind. That’s none other than Drake. He is one of the leading rappers in the world. Moreover, it is impossible to forget his songs like So far Gone, Thank Me later, Room for improvement and all. So, it will be quite interesting to know more about Drake, about his family, Drake son, career, and all. Let’s explore more about Drake.

Rise Of The New Rap Star- Drake

After his first favorite mixtape which released in 2006, he never looked back into his life. Moreover, the response of people was far more than just wild guess. However, the album was only available through his official page and website. But it was an instant hit. With that success, Drake started his journey into the rap world.

Drake- The First Canadian Rap Start On Black Entertainment Television

The Popular Name In Rap Music- Aubrey Drake Graham
The Popular Name In Rap Music- Aubrey Drake Graham

After her album Room For Improvement, Drake gave the world his next mixtape Replacement Girl. However, that also includes his single. The video was screened on BET- Black Entertainment Television. Moreover, that made him the first Canadian rap star whose video featured on BET.

About His Hottest Story

Drake son name is Adonis. A private source revealed this information to the world. Drake has a son during his relationship with the Canadian rapper Sophie. However, the news about Drake son came as a great surprise to everybody and shocked the fans.

On the other side, he recently revealed his new tattoo of his son Adonis. But he has not said much about his son. That means the rappers want to keep life private.

Major Works Of Drake

  • He got a lot of fame and popularity with his album Thank Me Later. Furthermore, the album ranked at No.1 on The US Billboard 200 chart. In detail, it sold around 1.9 million copies in the US. The album also got Platinum certification in the US and Canada.  
  • His second album Take Care also ranked at No.1 on the US Billboard 2000. Moreover, it sold more than 631,000 copies in just seven days. Like the previous one, it also got Platinum certification from the UK, Canada, and the US.
  • Talking more about his achievement, his third studio album Nothing Was the Same got both commercial success and critical acclaim.  Besides, different magazines named it as the Best Album of the Year. It sold around 1.78 million coppices in the US.

With time Drake became a famous name among the music lovers. However, there is more such interesting information about Drake, Drake son and his career that you would love to know. So, read those all on the internet.

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