The Pop Icon Behind The Camera

The Pop Icon Behind The Camera

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see Madonna’s fans in the palm of her hand? It is possible to get an inside look at that dream because she just released a new video that shows a singer for hire literally doing the job. The video for ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ has been made in California and it is on YouTube.

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The Pop Icon Behind the Camera
The Pop Icon Behind The Camera

In the clip, which has gained wide distribution on the internet, the diva walks along a beach that looks like the set of the Video Music Awards with fans milling around and people gawking at her as she approaches. At first glance, it is hard to believe that this is a pop star. However, it is not until the arrival of a camera crew that confirms her identity.


In fact, Madonna was the guest on a variety show that had Madonna, Lady Gaga, Tina Knowles, Randy Jackson, and rapper Saturn X. Saturn X was also in the video and sang a little song that got a huge reaction from the fans. Apparently, he was performing at a music venue and he chose to go to the bathroom. One of the audience had brought him a bottle of champagne and when Madonna came out to change costumes, she was not at all impressed by Saturn X’s performance.

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The crowd goes wild when Saturn X turns up and they cheer him on. Madonna swats at him and starts to sing a song, ‘Shut Up and Dance,’ which takes the crowd into an entirely different world. She begins to dance and everyone joins in.

Saturn X walks off stage after the song is over and the crew rushes to his dressing room. It appears he has a drink in one hand and a sandwich in the other. He is joined by two other dancers who join him in the dressing room.

Suddenly, two men appear in the doorway and the dancers exchange looks. They are dressed in tuxedos and they are headed for Madonna.

Saturn X appears in front of them and announces that he has come to propose marriage to Madonna and his brother Saturn XI joins him. Madonna is all smiles and the dancers are carrying luggage.

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Madonna turns to the camera and asks, ‘Who are you?’ As she speaks, she turns to the couple who turn to the cameras. The video has been uploaded to YouTube and has had more than three million views.

However, there are people who wonder whether she really does have the job of performing to the fans who have made her a pop icon. She never mentioned herself as a pop star on stage and certainly did not use the term. However, she has appeared in videos and TV interviews as a pop star. So, what is she?

She is a great diva and the fact that she has dressed in a black gown that looks like a great dance dress is a testament to that. She could not have known she was going to walk along a beach like that while sporting a long red wig. It was not meant to be but it was so wonderful that she enjoyed doing it.

Bottom Line

The Pop Icon Behind The Camera
The Pop Icon Behind The Camera

Madonna may not be a pop star, because she has done very little singing and very little recording. On the other hand, the diva is someone who can hold her own in a world where she is not only a pop star but a celebrity. The band has made it their career goal to cover Madonna songs and she is popular not only for her music but for her clothing and lifestyle choices.

When Madonna performs, she can pull off any role and she will always be remembered as a diva. In fact, the fans who are not into pop may not appreciate the diva’s wit and originality. However, those who do love the pop icons will want to see what kind of person she is behind the camera as well as behind the microphone.

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