The A – Z Of Celebs On Cameo

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The A-Z of celebs on cameo, from Aaron Paul to Zooey Deschanel… What celebs have been on cameos? Find out!

Aaron Paul  in Breaking Bad, Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer, Al Pacino in Jack and Jill… What celebs have been on cameos?

Aaron Paul – Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul looking at the camera

Aaron Paul made his debut cameo appearance during the first season of ‘Breaking Bad’ which was actually a flashback scene. We see Jesse back before he became Walt’s drug dealing partner where he ‘s riding in his car and pulls up at a stop light where someone is selling drugs. Paul was the one selling it!

Zooey Deschanel – 500 Days Of Summer

Zooey Deschanel looking at the camera

This Zooey Deschanel cameo is a blink and you’ll miss it moment if you weren’t paying attention. In ‘500 Days of Summer’, Zooey Deschanel’s character Summer is seen at a party and you can see Zooey Deschanel sat in the background partying, wearing a sombrero!

Al Pacino – Jack And Jill

In this comedy film starring Adam Sandler as both Jack and his twin sister (the slightly less successful) sister Jill; Al Pacino makes a cameo appearance during a scene with Sandler. Al Pacino plays the part of Jill’s agent, who happens to be having an affair with Jill. Although it doesn’t go down well with Jack!

Aaron Paul – The X Factor

During the live stages of ‘The X-Factor’, Aaron Paul appeared on one episode where he was given three acts to mentor. He eventually chose Cher Lloyd as his winning act, thus creating a new star!

Fox – The Simpsons

Everyone knows that the voice of Bart Simpson is none other than Nancy Cartwright, but did you ever wonder who does the voices for all  the rest  of The Simpsons? If so… it’s a man called Harry Shearer ! He does all the voices for Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner and many more!

Jenna Fischer – Parks And Recreation/Slither

Although not a cameo but Jenna Fischer made an appearance in ‘Parks and Recreation’ as Tammy 2 (Ron Swanson’s ex-wife). And she also appeared in another film called ‘Slither’ as a receptionist.

Carrie Underwood – The Sound Of Music Live!

During the live broadcast of NBC’s televised musical production of ‘The Sound of Musical’, Carrie Underwood made a cameo appearance. She played one half of a nun duo which she sang a song with, don’t remember seeing it?


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