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Hong Kong Celebrities News

Fans of Asian entertainment are scattered all over the world. This is because of the huge popularity and fan following of actors, actresses, singers, and other celebrities; especially, the celebrities of Hong Kong.

Tying The Knot: Benjamin Yuen And Bowie Cheung

Benjamin Yuen and Bowie Cheung, 39 and 29 years old respectively, got married after dating for almost three years. The ceremony happened on Mount Pavilia, which is the place for their new home in Clear Water Bay. The actor and actress fell in love while shooting for a Travel film in Africa and after having a stabilized relationship experience over the years decided to settle down making big in the list of Hong Kong Celebrities news.

Crystal Fung Shifts With Family In A New Apartment

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After going through a breakup with Martin Chung, Crystal Fung had to vacate the apartment that the couple had invested in together and moved to Sham Shui Po in her apartment. However, she later felt that the space in the apartment was insufficient to live in. So she decided to move into a bigger apartment with her parents making a point in the list of

Hong Kong Celebrities News Has Jonathan Cheung Quitting Vaping For Daughter

Actor Jonathan Cheung is father to two kids, son “Little Peanut” and daughter “Little Bean” with Angie Mak; having been married for eight years. The actor has revealed recently how he has quitted his habit of smoking e-cigarettes on daughter’s reproach. In a recent Facebook post, the actor mentioned that he quit vaping for 100 days starting in August when one-day Little peanut found his e-cigarette device from his backpack and said to his sister “This is what Daddy uses to relax!” to which his daughter replied, “I don’t like it when you smoke!”. This incident was what motivated him for the decision.

Hong Kong Celebrities News Concerning COVID-19; Edwin Siu Forced Into Quarantine

With Hong Kong fighting over the fourth wave of COVID-19 and TVB going on with filming operations, the chances of celebrity corona cases are almost inevitable. A recent victim to the situation is actor Edwin Siu. While filming for a show for MyTV super platform, the actor reportedly came in close contact with an employee, later found to be tested positive for COVID-19. Unaware, the actor attended the TVB Anniversary Gala the next day, which the celebrities attended, unmasked. After the news, TVB has asked all the 205 artists for self-quarantine despite negative reports.


Staying updated on your favorite celebrities is also one of the fond types of entertainment. And this does not limit to any physical distances or national boundaries. So you must have the latest news on four favorite celebrities in Hong Kong over these tough times.

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