Spanish Celebrity Gossip- Some Of Them Are Spicy

Spanish Celebrities Gossip

Almost all of us are interested in the lives of the celebrities- and that is probably why page three is so popular! But have you ever felt like lending an ear in the Spanish celebrity gossip news? Well, we bet that it is going to be quite interesting to read and you will have a fun time discussing it with your friends! Here are some of the juiciest gossips that you can get, and it will make you feel baffled.

Juan Diego Botto To Star In Anarchist’s Wife-Spanish Celebrity Gossip

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The romantic drama in Barcelona known as The Anarchist’s Wife will have Juan Diego in it. This movie is in co-production with Partizan and Cargo, which is based in Paris. This is a historical drama which is bound to turn a lot of heads, and it is regarding the Spanish Civil War Regime. This person was deported to the concentration camp, and the story is about the family who craved for their presence. The shooting will happen in France, Spain, and Germany, and the entire budget is of 6.5 million dollars. This move will definitely broaden the production horizon, and the spectators are looking forward to the outcome!

Howard K Stern- A Freeloader!

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Seems like a shock to you? It has recently come up that Anna Nicole Smith used to bear everything for him as he did not have any means of income at all. Howard Stern is the daddy to Anna’s baby, but he does not possess an everyday life himself. Besides, Howard is a complex character and also a drug addict. Now that Anna is no longer alive, he might have to be a parasite to some other individual or stay alone for the last days of his life.

Alessandra Streignard Shot-Spanish Celebrity Gossip

According to the authorities, Alessandra came out of her hiding and somehow forgot to cover her tattoo. Murcia used this opportunity to follow her to the car, which is when he had the opportunity to shoot her. The chauffeur immediately went on to help her, but he was also shot to the head. By the time help arrived, Alessandra was already unconscious. The shooter had a previous record of violence against women, and right now, he is under trial.

Princess Letizia Finally Out Of Her Mourning

The Spanish celebrity princess Letizia was not seen in the public for several days since the death of her sister, Erika Ortiz. But finally, after several days, she is out of her mourning period and out in public to resume her responsibilities. The princess of Span has been efficient in her functions, and it is a good thing that she is back in action.

Couple Blackmails Alejandro Sanz-Spanish Celebrity Gossip

The Grammy award-winning singer Alejandro Sanz has been blackmailed by the same couple who worked for him. The charges against the couple are of extortion and theft, and they stole a laptop, computer, videos, and photographs. He is one of the best Spanish Singers of all time, and it is a sad affair that he had to face such an atrocity.


Now that you have a basic idea about some of the Spanish celebrity gossips, you should read some more to get an even better insight. So why wait?

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