Some Of The Fun Turkish Celebrities News About Actors In Hollywood

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Do you want to know more about the Turkish actors? Many Turkish actors are prevalent in Turkey and have made so many fans all across the world. These actors have also tried their luck and hard work in the Hollywood industry. Many of them got recognition in Hollywood as well. Today, the Turkish film industry is also getting diversified, with so many talented actors showcasing their talent differently. There is so much other Turkish celebrity news that came out when they joined the Hollywood industry.

Today we will see some of that popular and fun Turkish celebrities news which got famous when they entered Hollywood. 

Haluk Bilginer Got So Many Turkish Celebrities News


Haluk Bellinger has won Turkey’s first-ever international Emmy award by giving his best performance as an actor in the movie Sahsiyet(Persona), where he played the role of Agah. He has played many prominent roles in so many turkey films and beyond. During the 1980s, he played the role of Mehmet Osman for more than 250 episodes. He has also done some less popular roles, and he has been playing the role of Jamie Lee Curtis in the British film Alex rider. 

Numan Acar


Numan is a Turkish-born german actor and was known for his famous film In the Fade, released in 2017. Acar has played many prominent roles in several television series and movies, working with the world’s leading directors. He was also part of legendary director Terence Malick’s new film “The Last Planet,” which is currently shooting and is a retelling of several episodes in the life of Christ. 

Yasemin Kay Allen

You can know Yasemin Kay Allen for her roles in the popular Turkish television series such as “46 Yok Olan,” “Merhamet” end “Muhteşem Yüzyıl.” This half British actress has been gaining popularity in some of the Russian series of 10 episodes She was known for many Turkish celebrities news from the Hollywood. 

Kor Adana

Kor Adana is a writer, producer-director and was born in Michigan. He was also away from the Turkish film industry and made his career in cybersecurity. He is also one of the popular key figures responsible for all Turkish imagery that pops up in the show, including the flag and scenes shot at Güllüoğlu Baklava in Manhattan. 

Turabi Çamkiran

Turabi Çamkıran, aka Turbo, is certainly not an actor. However, he has made his name in a household one in the U.S. in an unprecedented way. The longest competition on the reality show and some music channels pit veterans from the reality show competitions such as Survivor, Big Brother, and The Bachelor to compete for a grand prize of $1 million. He is now competing in the 34th season of War of the Worlds, but now as a fan favorite. 


Several Turkish actors did great in Hollywood and became famous. There are several unknown Turkish celebrity’s news which can be found in the article and which made them famous in Hollywood. 

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