Random Facts About Celebrities- Some Will Surprise You

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It is an undeniable fact that we all are interested in the lives of celebrities. The glamorous world attracts us a lot, and we want to know what all are going out in their lives. There are some random facts about celebrities that might surprise you and will alter your perspective as well. You want to know everything that is going on with the page 3 idols. Some of them are ubiquitous and non-celebrities, and you will be glad that you knew about them. We know how curious you can get when it comes to celebrity gossip, and that is why we are here to let you know about some of them. 

Sean Connery

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We all know how famous this person is for his fantastic movies. But the only thing that we do not know is that he had to wear a hairpiece for all of the James Bond movies. Unfortunately, he started losing his age at the young phase of 21, and he needed to cover things up. He was portrayed as the most famous British spy, and he remains a favorite for every individual to date. He had to get hold of the same wig to show no difference in his appearance.

Jay z And Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes, JAY-Z are posing for a picture

It might be surprising for you to hear about it, but both of them went to the same school and had an exciting encounter in the cafeteria. Both of them had a speed rap battle in the same premises, and later on, both of them became famous rap artists. In that cafeteria, Busta lost the competition, but later on, he became one of the most successful in the music industry. 

Tom Hanks And George Clooney

Did you know that both of them are linked to Abraham Lincoln? It might be surprising to a lot of people out there, but according to the historians of ancestry George Clooney is related to Lucy Hanks. Lucy Hanks was the maternal grandmother of Abraham Lincoln. Tom Hanks was related to the president’s mother, namely Nancy Hanks. 

Brad Pitt

Today everybody knows Brad Pitt because of his fantastic popularity, but nobody knows that his first job was at a restaurant. The restaurant was located at Sunset Boulevard, and the name was El Polo Loco. His main career was to be inside a chicken suit to entertain the customers and attract them to the restaurants. Before he was a successful start, he was also moving refrigerators as well as trying to support himself by driving strippers in the limousine. 

Mark Wahlberg

When this famous personality was 16, he was charged with the attempt to murder, and he spends 45 days of his life in prison. That was because he almost beat a man to death who was middle-aged and Vietnamese. 


There is a lot of celebrity news that you need to know about, and you should do more research on the same. So what are you waiting for when you should look into the page three sections even more?

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