Pros And Cons Of Being A Celebrity

Pros And Cons Of Being A Celebrity

When we hear the word ‘celebrity,’ we always associate it with fame, money, and glamour. But with this immense popularity also comes responsibilities, controversies, uncalled media attention, etc. We all believe that the life of celebrities is ultra-rich, fun, and happening, which may not always be accurate. Check out these pros and cons of being a world-famous celebrity before jumping to any conclusion.

Four Major Advantages Of Being Celebrity

Special Treatment

If you are Chris Hemsworth or Angelina Jolie, it is no surprise that you will be treated exceptionally by the masses. From individual front row seats at award functions and events to unique stalls at the premier sports leagues, celebrities are bestowed with special privileges due to their fame and popularity. It will be fantastic to receive preferred entries to a night club or expensive gifts as a token of love for just being a celebrity, and that’s what makes it more tempting.

Fame And Money Go Hand-In-Hand

Fame is always followed by money. It is no secret that celebrities earn a lot more than any average person. Once you make it big in the world of glamour, you are sure to be approached for brand endorsements, stage shows, live performances, and much more. Luxurious cars, fancy homes, expensive apparels, dream vacations, and everything you can imagine lies at their fingertips.


Being rich and famous brings lots of possibilities. For instance, Micheal Jordan minted money not only from his basketball career but also from promoting brands like Nike. If one door closes, another one opens for them to explore.

Massive Number Of Fans And Followers

Having a broad base of followers and fans who adore and worship you is sure to boost your confidence. Waking up to a comment appreciating your acting or singing skills can be inspirational and motivational.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Celebrity

Pros And Cons Of Being A Celebrity

Four Major Disadvantages Of Being Celebrity

Missing Out On Normal Life

The major disadvantage of being a celebrity is not being able to enjoy simple things in life. Imagine what would happen if Selena Gomez decided to go grocery shopping at a local mart? The people will surround her for pictures and autographs. Again, venturing out of the house without security personnel can be risky as some fans can go crazy and wild.

Crazy Stalkers

There have been many cases of celebrity stalkings that went out of control. Stalking, following and, harassing through tweets, phone calls,  mail, and email is pretty common. If the love of a fan for celebrity escalates into obsession, then he/she can resort to physical harm as well as threats.

No Privacy

If Britney Spears decides to go out for lunch with friends on a bright sunny day, the images of her are sure to storm the internet the next day. Being in the limelight for twenty-four hours a day can be strenuous and frustrating. Having no privacy is one of the major disadvantages of being a celebrity.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Celebrity
Pros And Cons Of Being A Celebrity

Constant Judging

Newspapers, tabloids, blogs, magazines, and every available media channels judge celebrities day in day out just to fill up the blank pages. As a celebrity, you always have to be alert about what you talk and how you act. Imagine how difficult it will be to start your morning with tabloid judging you without knowing full facts and knowing that a vast number of audience is going to read it.

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