Nicki Minaj: Know More

Nicki Minaj: The Sexiest Female Rapper In The World
Let’s Have A Look Into Nicki Minaj Bio And Know More About The Famous Singer
Nicki Minaj: Know More About This Famous Singer

Each new artist indeed has his/her own story to share. The story, how they came into the industry, about their struggle, their achievement, and more. There are some directly given a chance to be a part of the industry. However, some have to go through various challenges to achieve success. While others get lucky enough to obtain victory without facing any issue, Nicki Minaj has to meet a lot of problems to create her identity.   

Information About Her Early Career Life

Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, and she is from Southside Jamaica, Queens, New York. Talking about her education, she raised and went to school in Jamaica. In detail, she completes her high school education at LaGuardia High School. Moreover, there, she learned singing and acting.

It is also the place where she understood the aim of her life, and she started working for that. She continued her music study along with her job as an administrative assistant.

Whenever she got free time, she devoted the time to writing and learning music. She never loses her hope that someday her song will be heard by people.

Her Career As A Singer

Let’s Have A Look Into Nicki Minaj Bio And Know More About The Famous Singer
Nicki Minaj: Know More About This Famous Singer

Initially, Nicki Minaj a chance to perform as a background singer. However, she wanted more than just a background singer. So, she left the group and started to perform solo. However, her hard dedication and work pay off. Very soon, she discovered in MySpace by the CEO of Dirty Money. She got a contract to work under the Dirty Money Label.

However, being discovered does not end there. The challenge for Nicki is only starting. Even though she signed the contract, she didn’t instantly get a chance for the album. First, she did a mix CD and worked with different artists. However, after doing various mix CDs, she got a chance to do her first solo album. Her first single was Massive Attack, and then she released Your Love.

Her Journey To Success

Nicki Minaj owes the victory to her mother. She was the one who pushed her to build her career. Even though she lost her mother, she believes that her mother is proud of what she has achieved. Besides, the secret of her success is hard work and dedication. She said if one believes that if he/she continues to dream and believe, he/she will achieve success.

Her Awards And Achievements

In the year 2008, she named the Female Artists of the Year at Underground Music Awards. Besides, she became the first female rap artist to perform at the Grammy Awards.

Besides, her video Star-ship won the Best Female Video at the MTV Music Awards 2012. Furthermore, she received the Best Hip-Hop award at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012. As of the year 2013, she was the first singer to receive BET’s Best Female Hip-Hop Artist four years continuously.

Want to know more about Nicki Minaj? Then keep in touch with her through different social media sites.

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