My Myanmar Celebrities – Who Are The Real Influencers

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A new face of Myanmar is revealed every now and then. And being a first time visitor here, I was excited to learn some of their characteristics and what they do in their free time.

The National Symphony Orchestra

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The National Symphony Orchestra, in partnership with MSF, is represented by a number of celebrities. They are the latest additions to the star-studded community of actors and musicians that make up the country’s musical tradition. symphonically These musicians have won several awards for their performances and are considered part of the elite group of Myanmar musicians. They perform regularly in the country’s many venues. The Myanmar Symphony Orchestra also has a representative from the country, thus bringing the total number of musicians and singers to five.

Another group of Myanmar celebrities are the film directors. Several of them like Than Shwe, Win Oum, Myree Efter and Win Than Myree have garnered critical acclaim for their movies that are par excellence. One such masterpiece of theirs is “The Assimilation” which depicts the life of a minority group in the country. The picture is a real eye opener and is one of the most realistic portrayals of life in Myanmar.

The TV stars of Myanmar can be grouped into one of two camps. Some of them are involved in sports and some are into entertainment. Keanu Reeves is known for his action and sci-fi flicks while Lisa Rinna is popular for her love talk and acts in various television shows. Monique Streep, Jewel Smith and Terri Dale Parks are another trio of celebrities from the entertainment industry who made a name for themselves through their various singing, acting and dancing stints.

Myanmar has two religions – Buddhism and Hinduism. A popular phrase is “no religion is sacred in my country”. This is true to the core as all religions have been incorporated into the country’s lifestyle. Many Buddhists and even Hindus are of the Buddhist faith but have nothing to do with the religion. The majority population though is Christian.

Myanmar’s most popular celebrities are those that have been associated with a very positive note. The government has encouraged people to not only have respect for other religions but also for their own. People are allowed to have different beliefs, but they are encouraged to practice their own. This is part of the way of uplifting the people’s mentality.

Bottom Lines

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Om Puri is considered by many to be one of the best known My Myanmar Celebrities. Om has appeared in many of the country’s media, from local television to national television. Om is well known for his unique impressions of the country’s people, which endears him to many foreigners who are unaware of the country’s politics. Om’s popularity has also made him a celebrity in his own right, which has helped him with the release of his own autobiography.

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