Most Embarrassing Celebrity Photos

Embarrassing Celebrities Photos

You know it’s hard to be a fan of celebrities, but sometimes they can be more embarrassing than the people we admire. Well, I’ve got some news for you; you can’t doubt the person you take your shirt off at the gym or swimsuit line. Not every celebrity walks around looking like a model, and there are times when they look downright silly. The following are eight of the more embarrassing celebrities.

One of the more embarrassing pictures I have ever seen was Marilyn Monroe’s. I swear to you; she looked nothing like the actress on the cover of the album. She looked more like a dancer. This picture must have been taken while she was half-naked. Wait a minute, I almost forgot, she was half-naked when she posed for this photo!

Donny Hathway

A person smiling for the camera

I’m sure by now you are tired of me bringing up Donny Hathway. If you want to be part of my” Teams,” you better get with the program, or I’ll be out of here. The United States government had a whole division whose job was to research everything about Hathway. You might say they spent a lot of time researching his.

Anyways, back to our illustrious gallery of unfailingly sexy celebrities. First, we have Demi Moore with her famous pierced ears. Next to Demi, the next one is Lisa Rinna, and next is Jennifer Aniston, next to Nicole Kidman. At least one of these starlets has the IQ to wear earrings that go all the way across her back.

Tom Cruise


Next on our countdown of celebrity offenders is Tom Cruise. Mr. Cruise has quite the collection of lady gals who he likes to hang out with, and as a result, he has several sets of earrings, which are rather uncomfortable.

Michael Douglas

Finally, there’s Michael Douglas, the actor who played Vinnie Barbarino in the movie “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” Mr. Douglas has an earring that hangs off of his noggin way too low. I guess it doesn’t matter how low it is as long as he’s not wearing it while making those awful movies.

Now then, this list could go on forever and never touch on the most famous man in Hollywood, but one celebrity whose picture should be in this gallery is Demi Moore. She has been married to one of the most famous men in Hollywood since the two of them starred in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” They have two children, whom Demi later adopted. Demi has been the center of attention for much of her adult life, so it’s only right that she receives the maddening scrutiny that so many other women get.

She should have something to show the public besides all those pictures, and she certainly has that right now. Why she even has a coffee table set that pictures her with some of her children. I think we can leave it there; for now, Demi Moore has had her day. Time for some fresh new entertainment!

Then we have Michael Jackson. He had a huge impact on music and society in general. He was an incredible pop star who had everything. Sadly, he too much of a diva and allowed those around him to walk all over him.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s music is amazing. Some of his greatest hits are still surfacing the radio stations today. If you are going to put out something like that, you better be sure that it is worth the release. Otherwise, you might as well stay buried in Michael Jackson video clippings and never reach anyone.

Next up on the list is Billie Jean, which would be missing from any list of the most embarrassing celebrity photos ever taken. This is another one of those Michael Jackson videos that should be on the top of this list. Not only did Jackson walk out on one of the greatest acting gigs of all time, but he walked out on one of the biggest fashion blunders of all time. What happened between him and Usher to make that happen? Who knows, but you can’t deny that this was a big fashion disaster. This is where Jean went from classy to tacky.

Final Words

The bottom line is that if you have nothing to lose, then, by all means, sign up for a celebrity photoshoot. It is fun, you get to meet some of your favorite celebrities, and you will end up with some great photos. Unfortunately, some of those celebrity photos make it onto the Internet before you do.

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