Life Story Of Madonna, The Ageless Star

The Ageless Star Life Story - An Inspirational Book Review

Pop singer Madonna is well known for her constant appearance in the music videos and albums. Her full name is Madonna Louis Ciccone, and she hails from Bay City Michigan. Madonna date of birth is August 16th, 1958. Now you would have understood the title. Madonna is 61 now, and yet she didn’t lose the charm that she had during her debut.

When Madonna was 5 year old, her mother passed away due to breast cancer. This was the turning point of her life as her stepmother made her life hell. As she endured her step mother’s tormenting, Madonna dreamt of doing big, and she achieved what she has now.

Sensation In A Male Dominant Industry

Pop industry back in days was male dominant, and there was very less scope for the females back then. During such situation, Madonna went on to become one of the greatest of all time pop singer, and we can term as a pop queen without a doubt. Madonna made her debut into the pop industry in 1981 and the point to be noted here is she worked as a solo pop star since the start. By the year of 1991, Madonna has kept 21 of her songs in the top 10 lists in the US.

In 2008 January, she was named as the wealthiest female musician in the world.

Life Story Of Madonna, The Ageless Star
Life Story Of Madonna, The Ageless Star


Madonna was married to actor and producer Sean Penn for a brief period of 1985 to 1989. Then she married Guy Ritchie from 2000 to 2008.


Madonna’s success had a punch of controversy all along. The controversies that surrounded her from time to time has only made her strong. She has always kept proving herself and attained the fame that most of the people can only look up to. A sneak peek into her controversies

  • Madonna performed her song “Virgin” at MTV music awards, and she started writhing on the stage in a white wedding dress. This has created a good amount of ruckus back then.
  • Her divorce from Sean Penn wasn’t pleasant. It has been said that there was an involvement of domestic violence, which has resulted in several issues and also has put Sean Penn in prison for a month.
  • Like a Prayer music video was created by Madonna for Pepsi.Co. The video involved burning a cross, relationship themes. Pope John Paul II has directly issued an ultimatum to his followers not to follow her or attend Madonna’s show. Pepsi removed her from being their ambassador. But this controversy was the one that has brought her attention from across the globe.
  • She released some erotica novels, and her film Truth or Dare was also stuck in controversies.


Madonna has a son and a daughter. Her daughter Maria Ciccone Leon was born in 1995. She was involved with her physical trainer then. Later in 2000 she married Guy Ritchie and had a boy named Rocco John Ritchie with him.

She adopted a kid in 2008, and in 2017 she adopted four-year-old twins.

Life Story Of Madonna, The Ageless Star

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