Latest News With Celebrities – Rizzle Raffle and the Victoria Beckham Effect

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With Madeline Tote’s newest series, she and her cast of young adults take on the lives of young adults in a new television show called Madeline on H MTV. This is the newest incarnation of the popular MTV show featuring the famous stars from the music industry. The show promises to keep young adults engaged while entertaining them at the same time. With Madeline on H MTV, the young adults are introduced to the best of what modern music has to offer them through their favorite stars. They include Britney Spears, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Shakira, and plenty of others.

Celebrity News

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In addition to keeping up to date on all celebrity news, the show also features celebrity propaganda disguised as entertainment. There are several times when the hosts take the opportunity to compare certain stars to current stars while discussing important issues. This is especially helpful for someone who lives a busy life and may not always have time to sit down and tune into the TV. However, the celebrities themselves often encourage young adults to turn to their shows for entertainment and insight into current events.

One of the earliest celebrity stories ever aired on MTV was Britney Spears’s pregnancy. Following this, a Britney Pregnancy commercial was released, featuring the then 16-year-old Spears. The commercial was so successful that it became the template for many other pregnancy commercials. In the commercial, Spears sang about being a mom and dealing with the stress of being a celebrity as well as being a mother. She ended the commercial by saying that she would be back on MySpace soon.

When former child star Justin Timberlake’s “Hannah Montana” came out, he too had a lot of celebrity propaganda and promotion. Unlike Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake is a much younger performer. He is able to channel some of his energy into the “I’m a Machine” music video, which features him dancing along to the title song. While some of the lyrics are about sex, the video makes the point that he is one of the most popular kids in school.

Media Drives Crazy

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Not only is there an abundance of celebrity propaganda from music videos, movies and television shows but also from certain celebrities themselves. Some of these include certain celebrities who have been deceased. Kim Cattrall was a famous singer who died in a car crash. Her death was covered extensively by tabloids and made her famous friends believe she was the victim of an auto accident. Numerous conspiracy theories were circulated because of this, with one even stating that it was a hit ordered by the Illuminati.

Another example of celebrity propaganda can be found in the “Hannah Montana” series. The show featured an enormous amount of advertising and promotions from various celebrities. This includes references to rap artists by names such as Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. Miley Cyrus gave a speech thanking all of the young girls and young women for loving and supporting her while Britney Spears gave a speech thanking people who made her famous including kids watching the show.

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However, in the most infamous episode of the show, Madeline Tuff exhibited many signs of being controlled by the Star. She was shown smoking and drinking often, displaying erratic behavior and constantly arguing with her mother. When the teachers took away her iPod, she decided to steal one of the cars that belonged to the school’s star pupil, Damon. She escaped to France but returned to America and declared war on America. When arrested, she claimed that she had only stolen the car for Damon’s betterment. There were many theories surrounding the events that followed Madeline Tuff’s arrest including her having a relationship with the deceased rapper Jay-Z.


Whether or not there actually is a connection between Madeline Tuff and Damon Dash, it is certainly interesting to speculate what the internet holds in store for the next wave of celebrity propaganda. Will the next music video be a shot at the new Spice Girl, Justin Timberlake? Will Victoria Beckham finally be exposed as a talent worthy of playing for the British Army? Could Rizzle Raffle fame be a casualty of the latest news with celebrities. Only time will tell.

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