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Celebrities always manage to remain in news with some gossips, latest affairs, publicity stunts, brand endorsements, new movies and songs and such other juicy bits. Here we have got some latest Arabic celebrity news.

Huda Kattan Is No Longer CEO Of Huda Beauty. Here’s Why…

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Huda Kattan started her career when she lost her job during the recession back in 2008. With a passion for beauty and makeup, she started a blog which led to the launch of her infamous lashes that took the beauty industry by storm.

With that, Huda Beauty was born — a dream come true for Huda, yet being CEO was never a role she wanted to play in the business. The beauty moguel did so in order to grow the company and make it the success it is today.

Therefore, after seven years of hard work and a huge product line, she’s made the decision to step down as CEO. She discusses the journey that’s brought her to this pivotal moment in her latest YouTube video, along with her decision to focus her energies on other aspects of the business. 

“I wanted to create product in the perspective of the consumer. I would do it for free and be so fulfilled.” she says. But, as CEO, Huda had to focus her energy on running business operations, finances and logistics which was not her cup of tea but necessary.

“Fast forward to 2018, I knew at that point, that the company was in a much better place.” Huda said. She was ready to pass the baton onto someone she could trust to run the company. “I met this woman through a mutual friend and we immediately hit it off, I just liked her. I felt like she could be a friend, I could trust her, she was really smart, really intelligent and she was really nice,” she explains, introducing Nathalie Kristo, the company’s new leader.

At the end of the video, Huda explains, “I just want to give you guys the best product, the best content, the best knowledge always. The sky is the limit and we are going to do some amazing things together.”

Arab Celebs Are Loving This Jewelry Brand

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Nancy Ajram, Balqees Fathi and Carole Samaha are just some of the celebs around the world who have fallen for Amy Gattas’ jewelry. The contemporary brand, known for its eclectic fusion of Middle Eastern and South American aesthetics, is a reflection of Amy Ghattas’ personal heritage. The Lebanese-Colombian jewelry designer found inspiration for her eponymous brand from the traditional fine jewelry technique of filigree, the ancestral art of working with extremely fine silver wires. The technique has since become a signature element of the Amy Gattas brand,  an element that Amy enhances with the use of precious and semi-precious stones from Botoga, Brazil and Birmani.

The primary inspiration behind each of Amy Ghattas’ pieces is derived from the very manner in which the designer actively lives her life, travelling constantly between her atelier in Paris, her workshop in Colombia and her home in Beirut. The very nature of her multi-cultural lifestyle shines through in her collections; the raw beauty of natural gemstones pay homage to her Lebanese origins, whilst the handmade filigree designs a testament to the influence of her Colombian background. 

Heritage, tradition and traditional craftsmanship are indeed the very pillars upon which Amy has built her brand. ‘’I want this brand to by a legacy for generations to come, says Amy. “To keep craftsmen, work alive through the mixture of East and West. My dream is for this brand to educate others on the importance of artisan work that can’t replace by machines’’.

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