Kenya Celebrities Gossip

Kenya Celebrities Gossip

2-in-1 Kenya Celebrities Gossip featuring a 2-year old singer and popular Singer know as Akothee

Gossip 1:

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A 2-year-old boy touches the hearts of Kenyans after launching his gospel Single

Two-year-old Harmony Masaki Junior spreads hope in the world with his musical talent – The child released a song by the name of Niguse which he sang alone and Kenyans are happy with the young singer – His parents spoke directly to journalist and said their son loves music and added that they are very proud of him. Speaking in a live interview with NEWS personnel, the proud parents of the singer, Caleb and Irene Masaki, could not hide their excitement and said it was a big step their son had taken in his early teens.

Harmony’s passion for music

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As they say, the apple does not fall away from the tree then the saying has become clear in the Masaki family who revealed that Harmony’s biological father is a musician and songwriter and therefore it is not uncommon for his son to love music at such a young age. “The truth is that I am a musician and also the producer of this very song (Niguse) I wrote it and in the process of rehearsing it, I realized that the child had copied all the words,” the father told NEWS personnel. Caleb said his son’s interest in music continued to grow and he decided to give the song a recording on his behalf.

Gossip 2:

Akothee organizes a rich graduation ceremony for her daughter, Vesha

Akothee said Vesha is her first child to get a degree and she as a Single mum is enjoying that success – Vesha graduated from university studies on Saturday, November 28th – Akothee said her children are disciplined and have not been called to the school to resolve cases related to misconduct. – Through social media Akothee announced that she has arranged for Vesha a luxurious celebration at the Kempinski luxury hotel. Famous musician, Esther Akoth aka Akothee has announced that she has organized her eldest daughter at a luxurious Kempinski hotel.

Through her post on social media, Akothee said she was overjoyed after her daughter graduated from university. Vesha, who was studying at Strathmore University, graduated with a degree on Saturday, November 28. The musician explained how she sacrificed herself and even reached the point of running out of money in her bank accounts to ensure that her children get a good education. “You are all specially invited to a grand breaking celebration of one of my countless successes. My main goal is to make sure I give my children the best education, I sold my children to myself and I wish them success in everything,” said Akothee. Akothee also revealed that she has raised her children in the best possible way and that no one has gone astray from school. The ceremony is expected to take place on Wednesday, December 2 starting at 8 pm, close friends of Vesha and celebrities are expected to arrive at the ceremony. Everyone who attends the ceremony will be required to wear a white dress.

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