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Kendrick Lamar: Achieving Star Status

Kendrick Lamar: An Inborn Star

Are you a great admirer of Kendrick Lamar? Then, you have landed the perfect destination. This post is dedicated to some interesting life stories of this world-renowned songwriter and rapper. So, let’s start discovering:

About Kendrick Lamar

It was June 17, 1987, when Kendrick Lamar was born as Kendrick Lamar Duckworth in Compton, California. His childhood was revolved around lyrics and music in Compton streets. He started his career with the name “K-Dot” and kept on releasing a great collection of heavily famous mixtapes. As a result, he drew the attention of the top-notch hip-hop producer Dr. Dre. And from then on, major success followed his path. His popular debut recording “good kid, m.A.A.d City” had brought him amazing success in terms of appreciations and sales.

Kendrick Lamar kept on gaining appreciations for his album “To Pimp a Butterfly” (2015) and the follow-up “DAMN” (2017). Both of these albums brought him Grammys in the “Best Rap Album” category. However, he made a record with “DAMN” for being the first Pulitzer Prize achiever in this genre.

Kendrick Lamar: An Inborn Star
Kendrick Lamar: An Inborn Star

Some Childhood Stories

His parents relocated from Chicago to Compton to get rid of that city’s gang culture. He used to be a decent student, who had passion in first stories, writing, poems, and lyrics afterward.

His family had been directly influenced by street violence but he used to be a soft-spoken and contemplative person being an enthusiastic observer. Lamar started performing with the name K-Dot. He used to be a rapper in his own lyrics. At merely the age of 16, his mixtape “Youngest Head Nigga in Charge” had received a lot of attention in Southern California and further on.

The appreciation and popularity had paved the way for him to receive a deal of record with “Top Dawg Entertainment.” He continued his success stories with two other renowned mixtapes, named “Training Day” and “C4.” Lamar consistently worked with various other upcoming West Coast rappers. All these talented people had created “Black Hippy”- a popular rap collective.

It was in 2010 when Kendrick Lamar stopped using his moniker “K-Dot” and started using his real name. Then, he kept on releasing the fourth mixtape, called “Overly Dedicated.” The same year brought him a full-length independent album, “Section.80”- the first one in his career under Top Dawg Entertainment. This album was exclusively launched on iTunes.

Kendrick Lamar: An Inborn Star
Kendrick Lamar: An Inborn Star

A History In The World

It was in April 2018, when Lamar created history by winning a Pulitzer Prize for his acclaimed music for “DAMN.” He became the first personality to be awarded a Pulitzer in his genre. Moreover, he also created the record by becoming the first awardee of this prize for music other than jazz or classical.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have got some insights into some of the interesting life stories of Kendrick Lamar. He is a great inspiration and a source of motivation for all, who dream to do something big in their life. Lamar had crossed all obstacles and created a history for which he’ll be remembered forever.

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