Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp: Things You Must Know About

We all know Johnny Depp from a casual look, but beneath all those layers, believe me, he is a Hollywood legend of today’s generation. He is the one who always takes risks with the roles which no other actor would even think of reading that script. He has a great heart that has deep emotions inside and only opted to take one route towards success than taking multiple times. Here we have a few facts for you, which will blow you up for sure.
Johnny Depp: Things You Must Know About Him

Johnny Depp Owns An Island In Bahamas

He owns up an island in the Bahamas for which he paid around $3.6 million, which is Little Hay’s Pond Cay Island in the Bahamas. It has six beaches which he named as per his children’s name. Those are Lily, Rose, John, former partner Vanessa Paradis, and even has palm tree lagoon and solar-powered houses. He tied a knot on that island with his new partner at that time in 2015, Amber Heard, in front of 24 people attending a ceremony followed by legal matters in Los Angeles.

Before An Actor, He Was A Rockstar

He was a Rockstar before he started his career in acting. When his parents divorced, he dropped his one year in high school to follow a path of being a Rockstar. His parents ordered and forced him to go back to school after two weeks of dropping, but when he went to his headteacher, she denied taking him back and ordered him to follow his dreams and be a musician or a Rockstar whatever he wanted to be. Isn’t that inspiring? It is indeed!

Johnny Depp: First Wife Was Lori Anne Allison

Before marrying Amber Heard, he first married Lori Anne Allison in 1983, who is a makeup artist and sister of his band’s bass player. He married her when he was just 20-years old. He was a struggler in his life at that time to support his wife. His wife introduced him to Nicholas Cage, after which his career took a height. They divorced in 1985 after two years of marriage. His first wife and Depp are still close to each other and more even when he got Divorced with Amber last year. Rumors say that he abused Amber a lot, but Lori believes, he is a soft heart person who cannot do that ever. He loved his pets like his children.
Johnny Depp: Things You Must Know About Him

He Has Coulrophobia

Coulrophobia is a fear of clown, which means Depp is deeply in fear with clowns. He says, if ever in life he is surrounded by them, then his world would come to an end.

He Is A 20th Cousin Of Queen Elizabeth II

He is known as a Hollywood royalty and is turning 54 now. Depp is royally well in real life too. During a show on BBC, “Who Do You Think You Are,” he mentioned that he shares a connection with Queen Elizabeth II through his great grandfather 20 generations back.

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