Is It True That Celebrities Have Become Gossip

celebrities have become gossip

Is it wrong to enjoy some celebrity gossip? It doesn’t harm us … does it? These days we see festivals everywhere: on TV, in magazines, on the Internet. Isn’t this concern about celebrities just harmless or harmful for us? How many people care about modern media images? On the other hand, can money be a danger to celebrities?

The Survey Analysis


The survey tells us that most young people do not worship celebrities. Investigators described three types of followers to us. About 15% of teens are interested in social entertainment. They like to gossip about their favorite celebrities, and we see nothing wrong with what they do. They will discuss their personal life.

5% of people believe that they maintain a very close connection with celebrities. Sometimes they think they belong to their soul and find that they are always thinking of them or not. These kinds of people are at high risk for depression and anxiety. If girls idolize a female celebrity with a body, they assume to be excellent, and they are more likely to be disappointed with their bodies.

Because of this, it leaves 2% of young people with a ‘borderline pathological interest. These people are at high risk of serious complications. They might say, for example, thousands of pounds can be spent by them on a paper plate used by their favorite celebrity, or that the celebrity asks them to do some illegal work they found doing that work and gets themselves in danger.

The Other Details

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What about the celebrity himself? Research in the USA has tried to gauge carelessness or overconfidence, in which feelings of emptiness and inadequacy are reversed by the opposite: over-exposure. Two hundred celebrities, 200 adults with a Masters in Business Administration, were surveyed by them (a group known as narcissistic). A sample represents the whole country using the same questionnaire. As expected, the celebrities tended to be more offensive than the MBAs, and both groups were much lower in the general category and narcissistic.

Four kinds of celebrities are involved in this classification. One of them is the most narcissistic celebrity or celebrity on actual TV shows – they get high scores in vain and are willing to exploit other people. Then came the comedians, who earned top marks and were in the mood for excellence. Then came the actors, and the youngest characters were musicians. Once, we found an interesting result: there was no connection between narcissism and the length of time the celebrity had been famous. This means that thunderstorms may not have caused the celebrities to become violent – they already existed.

All In All

So, what can we learn from this? The most successful or famous people are often narcissists and are bound to be cruel, job-seeking. As popular magazines show, they too are often frustrated and lonely. They set tragic examples. They play disastrous role models, and we blindly follow them, which is entirely wrong. We should use our brains while following these celebrities.

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