Interesting Korean Celebrities News

Korean Celebrities News

Korea has a list of great celebrities who excel in different fields. There is hot news about them every now and then. Celebrities are considered in high esteem in Korea and the people love them and pay to watch them perform. From TV shows to movies Korea has a good number of celebrities. It is interesting to know about them and to find out the recent happenings and talks.

These pieces of news become viral very fast and are taken over by the media. Let’s see some of the Korean celebrities new in the recent past.

K-Pop Star Kang Daniel Decides To Take Break With Anxiety Disorder

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Before the release of his new music, the pop star Kang Daniel made the announcement that he is taking a break from all the activities due to extreme anxiety. This was announced by his agency KONNECT entertainment.

The news reported that the singer was suffering from depression and panic disorder. The top priority for the artist as of now is relaxation and rest. All this information was announced by the agency. The news came before the new estimated release of the new song ‘touchin’. The Korean singer made his debut earlier this year and became popular after the first program.

Jackson Wang Opens His Mind About His Goals, Hardships, And Solo Debut

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In a recent chat, the K-pop star opens his mind about the different challenges and hardships he has gone through and the goals that are in front of him and about his solo debut. The artist has big dreams and a fire in his eyes. With the amazing work ethic and commitment, the young artist is all set to make a difference. In the chat, Wang talks mainly about his tears, hard work, and effort to publish his first album.

The album was a great success and got the appreciation of many. The artist is looking forward to releasing new albums and is working hard on that.

Monsta X’s Wonho Announces Unpredicted Departure From K-pop Group

The news was released on social media that the member of Monsta X, Wonho is leaving the team.and parting with starship entertainment. Starship Entertainment stated that after a long discussion both parties decided to part each other and they apologized to the public for this scenario. The news came when the group is still to make the scheduled performances.

Wonho conveyed his appreciation and regards to the Monsta X group and asked fans to continue to support them.


Korea is a country with many well-known celebrities and people love these celebrities. News about them gets quickly reached across borders. There has been news about many celebrities in recent times and these are interesting things for the fans.

Especially people who are following celebrities will be keen to have ears on these pieces of news. With many rising talents Korea is all set to make a mark in the world. Let us stay be tuned for more interesting Korean celebrity news in the days to come.

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