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Interesting Facts About Tom Cruise

Some Interesting Facts of Tom Cruise

Are you a huge fan of tom cruise? Then, it’s going to be the perfect post for you. Some interesting life stories of this legend will be discussed in this post. So, without any ado, let’s start the discussion.

In Brief

Do you know Tom Cruise is a Scientologist apart from being an A-list actor? Having been starred in a lot of box-office hits, such as A Few Good Men, Risky Business, The Firm, and Jerry Maguire, etc, he had become a top-notch celebrity in the world.

Hailed from Syracuse, New York, Cruise was born on 3rd July 1962. Right from the high school days, he started developing a passion for acting.

When he was merely 14 years old, he wanted to become a priest that led him to enroll in a Franciscan seminary. However, he changed his mind following a year and left the place.

Tom Cruise achieved huge popularity and acclaim for “Risky Business” and “Top Gun.” He kept on making various success stories. Cruise also starred in “Jerry Maguire”, a hit film that brought him great appreciations. He was also appeared in headlines for getting hitched to actresses Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

Some Interesting Facts of Tom Cruise
Some Interesting Facts of Tom Cruise

Discussion On Some Of His Movies

Do you know tom cruise decided a deadline for 10 years to establish his acting career?

After leaving school, he relocated to New York. Following a lot of struggles in numerous auditions, he received a role in “Endless Love” (1981). He also got a small role in “Taps” (1981), which was the military school drama. Director Harold Becker realized his potential and so a great improvement of his talent was seen in this role. As a result, he successfully drew the attention of a lot of filmmakers and critics. It was in 1983 when tom cruise appeared in “The Outsiders”. This film brought a golden opportunity for Cruise to work with a top-notch director.

His success continued with “Risky Business”. As a result, he successfully became a top-notch, prominent actor along with a lot of appreciations. And then it was a pause for two years. Next, he appeared with “Legend”, a high budget fantasy movie.

Some Interesting Facts of Tom Cruise
Some Interesting Facts of Tom Cruise

The Continuation Of The Journey

The breakthrough of his career was “Top Gun”, as it secured the A-list status for him. Due to the amalgamation of romance and action, “Top Gun” achieved the status of the “highest-grossing” movie of the year 1986.

Great success followed his way with “Top Gun” along with a number of amazing successful films. Those films were both commercially successful as well as critically appreciated. He kept on acting “The Color of Money”, “Rain Man” followed by “Born on the Fourth of July”. The later one had brought him a nomination in Academy Award. He also received a Golden Globe in the category of “Best Actor.” And the journey continues.


Undoubtedly, tom cruise is a great source of motivation for all, who want to achieve a big life. I hope that you have got some great insights into some of the interesting life stories of this legend.

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