Iconic Movies Of Tom Cruise That You Shouldn’t Miss


Tom Cruise, the evergreen star, has brought some of the best movies for the audience. Apart from his successful set of movies, Mission Impossible there are so many other films that he has offered some iconic movies. He started his career in the acting field back in 1983 with the movie “Risky Business.” Let’s see some of the best characters that he has portrayed since then.

A Few Good Men (1992)

This is a movie where you will witness a classic Tom Cruise’s performance. The movie is pretty straight up with no frills and whatsoever. Tom is a naval attorney who has aimed to make Nicholson, a marine autocrat to confess about his misdoings. The entire movie goes in a similar setting, and Tom delivers an out and out subtle performance, which has garnered huge popularity for him. Apart from the performance, the looks of Tom Cruise in this movie are worth talking about.

Collateral (2004)

Most of the people say this movie is overrated, it may be, but the performance of Tom Cruise can never be called overrated. He delivered the best performance in this movie. He plays the role of a serial killer who keeps a cabbie as a hostage and uses him as a chauffeur to go to the place of the target. Yes, this is the script of the movie. The movie had done pretty well at the box office. Cruise is a sociopath with a cold attitude, but he also expresses his concern for the people from time to time.

Mission Impossible Series

As we all know fame, this movie has brought Tom Cruise. Tom has raised from being a normal actor to the superstar with the help of this movie. This series is one of the best spy action thrillers. Cruise has done all the stunts in this movie on his own, and it is notable.

Iconic Movies Of Tom Cruise That You Shouldn’t Miss

Top Gun (1986)

The list of iconic movies of Tom Cruise will be incomplete without mentioning about this flick. This war game movie from Tony Scott will surely keep so many people hooked to their chairs while watching. Tom Cruise has made sure that he will make his role stand out. Although the movie has a great script and every other thing in place, Tom Cruise’s performance in it is something that is worth mentioning. This movie can be called as the quintessence of Hollywood.

Iconic Movies Of Tom Cruise That You Shouldn't Miss
Iconic Movies Of Tom Cruise That You Shouldn’t Miss

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Tom Cruise is well known for his action movies and aggressive characters, but this film brings out a different Tom Cruise on the whole. In most of his movies, Tom Cruise just had a love story on the side, but this movie revolves around his love interest. The role of Tom Cruise here is very simple, subtle, and calm. He has delivered a top-notch performance as Jerry Maguire. Every line he uttered in the movie has awed the women across the world. The moment he tells Renée, “You complete me” touches the heart directly. If you want to explore the romantic and lovey-dovey side of Tom Cruise, then there is no better movie than Jerry Maguire.