Iconic Moments Of Rachel Greene Aka Jennifer Aniston In FRIENDS

Iconic Moments Of Rachel Greene Aka Jennifer Aniston In FRIENDS

Jennifer Aniston, almost everyone out there knows her. The main reason for the popularity Jennifer Aniston acquired is because of her role in America’s comedy sitcom FRIENDS (which was aired in between 19994-2004). While Jennifer Aniston has done so many movies later, her role of Rachel Greene always remains memorable. FRIENDS is a sitcom that is famous among all the people out there. Even Generation Z is watching the show, and some are addicted too. This is possible due to the evergreen platform and iconic performances of artists. Have a look at the iconic moments of Rachel Greene on the show.

When She Finally Became A Financially Independent Woman

Rachel Greene is a spoiled rich kid who had a life layout planned before her. Live with her parents till she gets married and then lives off her husband. Her life looks pretty perfect for any person who sees it from outside. Rachel didn’t want that well-planned life, so many don’t, but most of the people get adjusted to the situation and just live their life against their will. But Rachel didn’t do that. She left a man at the altar and ran away from the wedding. 

It was one of the most daring things for a girl to do, and after coming out, she cut all her credit cards off and start being a waitress in a coffee shop. She changed her whole life in just some seconds.

When She Drunk Dialed Ross And Expresses Her Feelings

By the end of FRIENDS season 1, Rachel gets to know that Ross has feelings for her and she too starts developing feelings for him. But guess what Ross comes from China with a brand new girlfriend. Rachel tries to move on and goes on a date with another guy. There she gets drunk and calls Ross to express her feelings. This entire episode is very cute.

When She Confessed Ross About Her Love Post Breakup

“Yeah, because I was mad at you, not because I stopped loving you,” although the pair didn’t stick together after this painful confession, this sure moved so many people. Ross and Rachel are two characters that were meant to be together, but they have overcome so many hardships in their relationship, and this one was a major hurdle.

Iconic Moments Of Rachel Greene Aka Jennifer Aniston In FRIENDS
Iconic Moments Of Rachel Greene Aka Jennifer Aniston In FRIENDS

When She Gets To Know That She Is Pregnant

The spoiled, I want it all kind of Rachel Greene is pregnant. Yes, right before Monica’s wedding she gets to know this secret. She didn’t want to hamper the wedding. Hence she stayed calm about it for some time. But when she shared the same thing with Monica and Pheobe and when they double check to know whether she is pregnant or not, anyone will move to this situation. Jennifer Aniston’s performance in that particular scene is very good.

When She Spoke For All The Women Out There

“No, uterus, No opinion” period. This is the iconic line in history, and still, women use it from time to time

When She Got Off The Plane

Her career was one of the reasons why she broke up with Ross, but now she left that same career to spend time with the love of her life. Isn’t that the best thing!

These are the most iconic moments of Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Greene. There are so many more, but these surely stand out.

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