How Rihanna Becomes A Music Sensation?

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If you are a die-hard fan of Rihanna, her past is not unknown to you. But, those who are not will be surprised to know that Rihanna was not a music sensation from day one. In fact, far from the limelight of fame, Rihanna was growing up with all the girls of her age in her not-so-happening life in Barbados. A daughter of a normal middle-class family, Rihanna’s childhood was no different from the girls of her age. Before the fame & fortune touched her, she was Robyn Rihanna Fenty, who was irresistibly attracted to her mother’s shades of lipsticks.

How Rihanna Becomes A Music Sensation

A world-famous musician, fashion icon and obviously a beauty extraordinaire, Rihanna experimented with makeup as it reflected the shades of her mood. Her journey from a girl next door to a music sensation was not an overnight affair. It actually takes years of struggle, bold personality, and unique self-expression before she got the opportunity to present herself fearlessly on the stage.

Here’s how she managed to become an incredible music sensation over time.

1. Rihanna Left The House To Pursue Her Career In Early Childhood

Rihanna first started signing at the age of seven. Inspired by reggae music, Rihanna formed a music group in 2003. And soon they were discovered by the famous producer Evan Rogers, who brought the Barbados girls to the United States and helped her sign for a solo album. Later, she moved into New York after Jay-Z signed her to Def Jam Records.

2. Her Debut Single Was Released In Summer

While being a struggling singer, Rihanna got a chance to release her debut album in the summer, which is the best time for release, especially in the United States. Jay-Z chose “Pon de Replay” as Rihanna’s debut release. The song became the chart’s top five hits in fifteen different countries. It became a major club hit in the United States.

3. She Worked On Her Looks

Rihanna had a great idea about the scenario and she knows when it’s the perfect time to give herself a new makeover. This is why post her second successful album release, Rihanna decided that it was time for a change. Before her third album release, she was all redefined with her new look. Her style with up-tempo dance tracks won hearts and became one of the top hits of her first releases. In the following years, her lead single “Umbrella” became a breakout hit.

How Rihanna Becomes a Music Sensation

According to the industry experts, Rihanna though hadn’t a rosy way to become a superstar, she had the opportunity to work with the best and renowned producers who were quite instrumental to set off her music career in the right direction. Of course, she has brought with her an exceptional talent with an unmatched mix of beauty with brains. Her rise is a clear sign that it’s not just sheer luck, but the dedication and her sense of timing made her famous among her fans. After all, time says it all and she made it happen.

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