Ghana Celebrities – Looks Forward to welcome President Oduh Keita Into Ghana

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Ever since online resources have become very easy to access because of the worldwide web connectivity, individuals no longer have to switch on their laptops and mobile phones and check out the latest from the Ghana celebrities gossip. A huge number of contents in Ghana celebrities news hold curiosity of readers from every corner of the world. In fact, some of these can even be downloaded for later viewing. Some of them have been featured in the international newspapers and websites including the web and have created waves across the globe because of the fresh and unique insights they provide.

An Overview

The biggest talking point in the Ghana Celebrities gossip is the emergence of a well-known singer-actor by the name of NDC. A Ghanaian American Idol and one of the most popular stars of the African nation, NDC had joined the world famous Nelly and Remy on a luxurious holiday in Mauritius. The luxury trip was organized by film director Antonio Banderas and was documented in the famous Ghana Stars Snapshot. This snapshot provides the readers with the low down on the lavish trip as well as the different takes that the two had while on the trip.

NDC – which is Nelly’s real name – is actually an up and coming artist who has established a strong following in the African country. He is one half of the hip hop duo Blac Labelz and also happens to be married to another well-liked musician named Rihanna. The pair’s long history of association with each other goes back to their days when they were in their early twenties where they were spotted by a photographer on a safari in Tanzania. From that time, the famous couple went on to become close friends. And today, as seen in the latest Ghana Celebrities News, NDC along with Rihanna have teamed up once again to form a new wave of musical artists and performers.

Latest Ghana Celebrities Gossips

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In the latest issue of Ghana Celebrities gossip, it was revealed that NDC and Rihanna had successfully completed the filming of an instructional music video for ‘Young Boys Only’ – their upcoming album. The video will serve as a prologue to their newly-announced world tour that will take them across various corners of the globe including America. While no official date for the tour has yet been confirmed, fans and experts are all-in on speculating that it could be sometime in the next few months. The most exciting part of this entire venture is that both female superstars have already been spotted enjoying themselves during the shoot – with the former posing for sarkodie and the latter for an NDC battery photo.

It was also revealed in the gossip that earlier this month, NDC was rumoured to be shooting a music video for the upcoming R&B album of Shahnaz Made – with its lead single called ‘Love Yourself’. The song is said to feature top-notch rappers like Kanye West and Rihanna. So this puts a considerable weight on the anticipation for both songs. However, it seems like it might be Rihanna’s song which will receive the first promotional push, since that’s what the teaser for her first single ‘Come On’ was all about.

The Gossip About Ghana President

The most talked about thing right now in the world of Ghanaians is how they are looking forward to welcoming President Oduh Keita into the city of Kano. Ghanaians had been celebrating the end of his term as president, but are now looking forward to welcoming him to a new era as the next president of the country. The arrival of a new leader would mean that things will really get moving in Kano, and things could get even hotter between the Ghanaian leadership and the Nigerian leadership. Whether it is because of any pending elections or not, there has been talk of a change in the political system in Ghana, especially with regards to the holding of local elections. These changes may bring about major changes in terms of the makeup of the governing council and other groups within the Ghanaian polity.

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