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Often we are very much interested in the new trends, the current affairs, and specifically about the latest Ugandan celebrity gossip. Almost in every country’s music and film industry, thousands of gossips remain trending for multiple days. The article contains two gossip that have spread like wildfire in the Ugandan markets.

Ugandan Celebrities Gossip – Fans Condemns NBS TV For Unprofessional Behaviour

Celebrities Gossip

A few days ago, an interview was aired by NBS TV with Nameere Justine related to her TV station in Masaka, in which Nameere discussed the new TV stations. The Name here stated that the jobs on her TV station would be provided to jobless youths, below 35 years of age, in Masaka. However, the controversies were created when NBS TV posted on their Facebook page indicating that Nameere attacked Nakazibwe when Nameere didn’t mention Faridah. Nakazibwe in her whole interview. This news became the highlight of the Ugandan Celebrities gossip column. It was rumored that she didn’t employ her in her TV station as she is old and has no talent. Things became worse when fans of Nakazibwe pushed out at Nameere before even watching the interview and cross-checking the rumors. The fans who have watched the interview supported Nakazibwe and said that the entire story was pre-written and fake. NBS TV authorities were abused by the fans for promoting fake news and disturbing the bonding of the Ugandan celebrities by spoiling their reputation. Most of the fans said that they had watched the full interview, and Nameere didn’t utter a single word against Name here. It was a pre-planned decision by NBS TV to bash Farida Nakazibwe. Some of them said that NBS TV was jealous of Both Farida and Nameere as Farida refused to work with them, and Nameere is in her peak, becoming the youngest Presidential Advisor and TV owner.

Sheila Gashumba Is Once Again In The Market! Follow The Latest Ugandan Celebrities Gossip:

Celebrities Gossip

In recent times, Kampala city socialite Sheila Gashumba was seen again in Uganda’s arts industry, verbally tussling out on social media. It was estimated that she might have taken a break from her job for a refreshment. According to the sources, Sheilah commented.

Something Twitter against musicians and other media personalities. However, the African artists got immense success in their ongoing flourishing concerts abroad. Their concert tickets are getting pre-booked, and they gained popularity even after the Covid 19 effects shook the entire economy. However, none of the musicians or the singers have their roots on Uganda’s soil. There were various debates regarding this, which were started by Sheilah Gashumba.


The article revolves around the various Ugandan celebrity gossip, which is hotcakes in the market. Other than these, there is also news related to the current status of film stars, singers, and other eminent faces. You can follow the page for test updates.

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