Five Crazy News About Celebrities For Today

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All of us are obsessed with one or more celebrities and we always crave for knowing every update of them. In this particular article, we are going to provide you with a bunch of news about celebrities for today. Just have a read!

  1. Know Who The Foster Parents Of Simone Biles Are
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Nellie Ceytano Biles and Ronaldo Biles are not biological parents of the Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, rather they are her maternal grandparents – this is surely unknown news about celebrities for today. USA Today says that Simone and her siblings – Adrian, Ashley, and Tevin – came under the foster care of their grandparents in childhood when their mother was struggling with alcohol. Simone says that they are so fortunate that they had a very great experience in foster care. She also writes about Ronaldo and Nellie in her memoir, “Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance”.

  1. Selena’s BBQ Pool Party At Her House
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If you want to know some crazy news about celebrities for today, you must know that Selena Gomez marked her 29th birthday with a BBQ Pool Party with her close friends and family members. The party was filled with good food, colourful balloon decor, a huge water slide, pool toys, and many other things. If you are a follower of Selena Gomez on Instagram, you must have already seen her photos of her birthday there. Also, Theresa Marie Mingus, a very good friend of Gomez, shared photos of that day on Instagram. 

  1. Zendaya And Tom’s Romance Became Public

A photographer captured Zendaya and Tom Holland’s private moments while they were making love in a car. Isn’t it a spicy news about celebrities for today! Though these two have not made their relationship public, from many sources we gather information about their dynamic relationship. The sources say how they both support each other, challenge each other, and also balance each other. 

  1. Rihanna And Rocky Confirmed Their Relationship

After so many speculations, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship has finally been confirmed as they were spotted on a date in Miami while they were actually cuddling up. The Daily Mail has obtained a series of photos of this happy couple where Rihanna is wrapping her arms around Rocky’s waist. In an interview with GQ, A$AP has also said that he is really happy to have Rihanna in his life. Those who want to be updated with all the fresh news about celebrities for today, must find this news interesting. 

  1. Meet Simone Biles’ New Beloved

Simone Biles, the four-time Olympic gold medal gymnast, introduced the world with her new boyfriend, Jonathan Owens. Biles has shared photos where they are cuddling up together on Instagram with a caption, “It’s just us.” Biles has confirmed, in a Vogue interview, that she broke up with Stacey Ervin Jr. and started her new journey with Owens. A great news about celebrities for today is that Biles has also posted a photo where she is kissing Owens with a beautiful caption, “You give me butterflies”. 

Bottom Lines 

It is a fact that we all are crazy about gossiping news about celebrities for today and always wait to know unknown facts about our favourite celebrities. And if you are as crazy as we are, you will definitely like this article.

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