Festival: Interesting Facts About Carnival

Festival: Interesting Facts About Carnival

Carnival is the most celebrated of all the festivals in Brazil. It is not just a carnival, it is one of the major celebrations for the Brazilian people. The festivals, activities, and carnival itself are symbols of friendship and the bonds between brothers and sisters. In fact, there is so much more that goes on than you can imagine!

However, this festival has serious issues such as corruption and a high crime rate. We will share some interesting facts about Carnival and why people celebrate this festival.

The concept of “The Carnival” was first created in Brazil around the sixteenth century by the Portuguese settlers. These people considered the Carnival to be an amazing festival to celebrate their friendship between all the races, colors, and religions.

The festival has evolved into a massive event because of the thousands of people involved in it. There are hundreds of streets and public places where people celebrate the Carnival. Most of these streets are full of traffic and cars, and you can’t see it from the ground but it looks like a field of flowers on the streets.

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Festival: Interesting Facts About Carnival
Festival: Interesting Facts About Carnival

This festival is highly colorful, yet it can’t give its participants too much of a chance to show their colors because it seems like the people can’t walk around without being photographed. People wear masks to cover their faces so that they won’t be recognized. This is their way of expressing their feelings, their thoughts and also their feelings for other people.

The Carnival begins in different parts of the country and ends in different parts of the country. Sometimes, they celebrate it on different streets, but at other times in different public places such as churches, schools, universities and big cities.

People use different colors in the decorations and activities of the festival. Everyone has his or her own special color and that’s why the colors are different from one person to another. The Carnival has its best dancers. You will find that almost all the dances are acrobatic and quite lively.

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In most of the countries of South America, the Carnival is divided into four seasons: January, February, March, and April. The period of this festival starts in January and ends in the month of April.

The special events of the Carnival are called the Jardim de Azucar, which is a sort of well-known carnival parade. It involves the marching of street performers dressed in unique costumes, floats, and even bands.

Festival: Interesting Facts About Carnival
Festival: Interesting Facts About Carnival

Carnival lasts for seven days, although there are a lot of people who choose to plan a trip to celebrate this wonderful event at the beginning of the month of February. Carnival requires people to participate in a number of festivities which include lots of dancing, eating and drinking.

In addition, the Carnival celebrates diversity in different cultures and religions. When it comes to the meanings of the carnival, we mentioned that it is also a celebration of friendship, a defense against loneliness and a time for everybody to enjoy music and dance.

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