Famous Celebrity 1990 – A First Hand Review

Famous Celebrity 1990 - A First Hand Review

Enrico Caruso has just released his third and final recording of Famous Celebrity 1990, a tribute to legendary singer Ronnie James Dio. He was already in the midst of working on the album when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. But there is no way he will let that stop him from doing what he does best: singing.

Famous Celebrity 1990

Famous Celebrity 1990 - A First Hand Review
Famous Celebrity 1990 – A First Hand Review

Enrico Caruso had originally wanted to release the album after the completion of treatment, which he received from doctors and oncologists. But, he suddenly realized that this would be too dangerous for his voice to record for another year.

Enrico Caruso

As a result, after one of the many treatments he underwent, Enrico Caruso discovered that his throat was still not well enough to handle the tremendous amounts of recording that he did during the course of the album. He recalls, “The second day I woke up and realized I couldn’t sing. I sat down and broke down and cried.”

The result was the CD Famous Celebrity 1990. The album contains over eighty songs, of which eleven were recorded by Caruso alone.

Despite his illness, Caruso managed to keep his vocal cords fully intact. In fact, it is his strong voice that sets his albums apart from those produced by his contemporaries.

The recording sessions were extremely hard on the veteran singer. “I was having trouble breathing through my nose. I couldn’t seem to catch the notes and it made me physically ill. It was embarrassing.”

Although Caruso is not in a comfortable condition to do the editing part of the music, he is still proud to have completed such an amazing album. “I’m not embarrassed that I could not sing. I did have to work really hard for a while but the fans loved it. I was doing something that they could really relate to.”

Result Of Famous Celebrity 1990

The end result is the music Caruso produces now. His love of music started early in life, while he listened to Beatles records with his brothers.

He also took guitar lessons from his cousins, although he eventually gave up on the guitar. While playing in a punk band at the age of seventeen, he met Joe Stange, who produced his first album. He eventually found himself at the forefront of two of the most influential groups of the sixties, the Police and the Rolling Stones.

After his career as a professional musician took off, Caruso produced a number of records with Peter Frampton. Although he produced many of Frampton’s recordings, he also wrote much of the music for his own solo albums.

Bottom Line

Famous Celebrity 1990 - A First Hand Review
Famous Celebrity 1990 – A First Hand Review

Another reason why Famous Celebrity was so special to Caruso was the fact that he was able to combine his love of music with his family’s heritage. He is half German and half Italian, and both his grandparents and great-grandparents lived through the most turbulent times of European history.

As Caruso is half Italian, he was born in the time when most Italians were considered immigrants. So, as the years passed, Caruso’s family learned to feel Italian, even if they were not able to learn it like a native.