Fake News About Celebrities

fake news about celebrities

Is there really fake news about celebrities that are being spread across the internet? Well, not exactly fake news, but rather news that is meant to stir up the bile that’s in people’s mouths. And when I say ‘fake news’, I don’t just mean that one-upmanship has invaded the realm of print media. I also mean that the story is being reported in a way which is not quite correct in some regard.

Take, for example, this report about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting a divorce. This news story was actually on CNN. However, when you watch the piece, you see that it is primarily stated in a way which suggests that this is something that happened in fact. This is especially true when you look at the date on which the article was written.

An Overview

The source of the information is also questionable. The first reference that comes to mind is that this was an article that was printed in a French fashion magazine. However, this is highly unlikely because there is no media outlet that would publish such a story without giving it some kind of context. The other problem is that the timing of the piece makes it seem as if it came from some French publication.

Another fake news story that made the rounds recently is one that claims that boxer Mike Tyson had died in a car crash. First, there is absolutely no evidence that this ever happened. The second problem is that the quote that is given in the piece is completely false. It is even doubtful that it is real, because no newspaper or magazine would publish something like that without any basis.

Anonymous Sources

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One of the biggest problems with most fake news stories about celebrities is the fact that they are typically reported by anonymous sources. There is almost always some reason why the person giving the news doesn’t want to be identified. That makes it very hard to do research on the source. Some people will go so far as to post their phone number so that anyone who is interested can call and ask them questions. This is bad practice, but it happens all the time.

Another thing that makes for a fake news story about celebrities is a mixture of different items. For instance, a news story might tell you that Tom Cruise has been out on the golf course, but that he supposedly went out and got into a terrible accident. Then you find out that Tom Cruise was actually at his son’s baseball game the same day. Does that make sense? It should, but many people aren’t going to take the time to check the facts, or they simply skip over those details that aren’t what they’re expecting.

News Without Proof

The most damaging fake celebrity gossip stories are ones where actual proof is not available. Take, for example, a story that a former Miss USA contestant shared about a dinner with actress Alyssa Milano. According to this news story, the two Hollywood stars had a nasty breakup and Alyssa Milano went on a wild hair-fueled rant about her former partner. However, the restaurant in which the alleged encounter took place doesn’t exist, nor does the name of the restaurant. No one’s looking to confront a celebrity over dinner if they don’t know who they’re dining with.


There is no real reason to spread fake celebrity gossip except to stir up trouble and give people a bad feeling about one another. As the old saying goes, “If it is not broke, don’t fix it.” Don’t waste your time and money on a news story about a celebrity if you don’t need to.

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