Facts About Famous People


The world is so invested in the lives of different celebrities. People tend to spend hours on a movie, interviews or any talk shows which are all about either the work of a celebrity or about their lifestyle. These people are considered unattainable and looked up to by common folks. That can exert a lot of pressure on these famous personalities, to maintain a proper reputation of themselves. Here are some facts about famous people.

But what people need to remember is that celebrities are people. They are human beings and like everyone else, they also tend to make mistakes, have quirks, or have some idiosyncrasies. With all the glamour and elaborate lifestyle, they seem to be far from normal.

Some facts about famous people tell you how much they are like common people, and in some cases, they leave you to wonder how can one person accomplish so many things in a single span of a lifetime. In this article, let’s look at some of the world’s favorites and some little known facts about them.

Facts About Famous People
Facts About Famous People

The Law “Breakers”

Ghostbusters star Bill Murray had his wild days when he was young. He was arrested in Chicago Airport for making a joke about carrying bombs in his luggage. After searching they found 10 pounds of marijuana in his bag. Mind you, the incident took place on his 20th birthday.
A step ahead was taken by Mark Wahlberg. He was a rapper before he commenced his acting career. When he was sixteen, he was arrested for attacking a Vietnamese man. Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder. He had to plead guilty to assault. The actor served 45 days in prison at his very prime.

The Geniuses: Facts About Famous People

Some people in this glamour world always managed to stand out, not just by their performances in their respective fields, but also by accomplishing wonders in academia. Such an example would be Natalie Portman. The award-winning actress is a Harvard graduated scholar, with many of her papers and research work published.

Facts About Famous People
Facts About Famous People

Another actor with an IQ of 160 would be Ashton Kutcher. He might have played the slow-witted Michael Kelso in the sitcom That 70’s Show, but in he is a lot more in real life.

Similarly, our Friends sweetheart Phoebe Buffay has accomplished much more in real life in academia by earning a research credit on her a paper authored by her father.

The Early Jobs: Facts About Famous People

These celebrities were not successful right when they started their careers. Most of them had to struggle like every other human being. For example, Ozzy Osbourne worked in a slaughterhouse, Brad Pitt was a delivery person, Demi Moore was a debt collector, Star Wars actor Harrison Ford was working as a carpenter and Chris Pratt was a waiter!

Tough Childhood: Facts About Famous People

Not everyone has an ideal life. Some of the celebrities too had to go through really tough times in childhood. For example, Woody Harrelson had a father working as a hitman, Leighton Meester was born in a prison, and Oprah Winfrey had a traumatic childhood including corporal punishments and sexual assaults by family members.