Extravagant Celebrity Birthdays Of All Time

Extravagant Celebrity Birthdays Of All Time

Who doesn’t like celebrating a birthday? Even our beloved celebrities are no exception to celebrating birthdays and having a gala time with friends and family. Many celebrities are known to be party freaks and have gone overboard to make their birthday parties fun and lavishing. Here are six such examples of super crazy, fun and over the top celebrity parties.

Justin Bieber

It’s normal to rent party place, costumes, and utilities for celebrating your birthday. But have you ever imagined renting a private island on the Carribean itself? It may sound like a fairytale for many but Justin Bieber turned it into reality on his 21st birthday. The world famous pop-star rented a whole island in the Carribean and had an impressive guest list including stars like Hailey Baldwin.


Beyonce decided to go gaga on her 35th birthday party in 2016. She threw ‘Soul Train’ themed party based on 70’s theme which was the talk of the town for many months to follow. The star-studded party included popular celebrities like Alicia Keys, Usher, Swizz Beatz and members of former ‘Destiny’s Child’ like Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams among many others.

Kate Moss

Birthday parties are a one-day affair and everyone forgets about you once it is over. But the same is not true for supermodel Kate Moss. Kate Moss celebrated her 40th birthday by partying for four days straight at her home in England. The cost of total birthday celebrations is speculated to be around $130,000 according to current conversion rates.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan threw an extravagant birthday party on her 20th birthday. This birthday party was sponsored by Life and Style. The total expenses were around $10000. Her guest list included celebs like Owen Wilson, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie and many more.

Katty Perry

Katty Perry has always thrown lavish and impressive birthday parties. She threw Charlie and The Chocolate Factory themed party on her 25th birthday. On her 30th birthday, decided to go the extra mile by flying 70 members from her friends and family across the world and treating them to a lavish meal at the Michelin starred hotel in Paris.

Simon Cowell

The world famous media tycoon threw over the top birthday party with 400 guests on his 50th birthday. The venue was none other than Wrotham Park with 2500 acre manor that is located at Hertfordshire in England. The guests received king-like treatment with the fleet of limousines ready to escort and drop them. According to The Daily Mail, this birthday celebration cost around $ 1.3million USD.

Sir Philip Nigel Ross Green

Sir Philip Green needs a special mention on this list as he made sure no one ever forgets his 60th birthday party. He is multi-billionaire business tycoon from England who threw one of the grandest birthday part one can imagine. The 4-day birthday party took place on the beach with lots of dancing along with astonishing fireworks that continued until 6 am. This over the board star-studded party was estimated to be around 6million USD.

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