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There are many celebrity gossip sites offering you free gossip on celebrities. News about celebrities appears always exciting and fascinating as any fan would like to share his/her views or opinion. Hence, in this piece you get to know about 21 top celebrity gossip sites next year, what they do, and a brief reference to check them out at present… Some sites offer celebrity gossip without charging a fee while others simply require you to pay a token fee if you want to browse their pages. Some of the popular gossip portals today are Buzzle, People, Us Magazine, InTouch Magazines, eHow and Qype.

If you do not like to pay any money then you can always rely on free websites offering celebrity news and gossips. The first few websites offering free celebrity news are Uswire and E!. However, after these two portals have been shut down, there is now no other way but to rely on paid websites for getting the latest news on actors and actresses. The most popular celebrity gossip and video comments websites in the past few years have been YouTube and Metacafe. The former has become a popular option for both the film industry and the fans to get their daily dose of celebrity news.

An Overview

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With an increasing demand for celebrity gossip sites, many new entrants have entered the industry in the last few years. These new players are mostly small portals which cater to the specific needs of the fans. Most of these portals provide live updates on the lives of celebrities and various gossip about them including videos, photos and messages posted by their fans. They also provide relevant entertainment news and video comments apart from the usual celebrity gossip updates. One can read the latest celebrity gossip posts and view video comments on the posts.

You can also view news about Hollywood actors and actresses by logging on to any of the Hollywood gossip sites like Uslife. This portal has gained popularity among people who are more interested in Hollywood celebrities and entertainers. However, most of these portals provide general information on Hollywood actors and actresses. There are several other small niche portals which provide only celebrity gossip sites like InTouch mag which provides general entertainment news.

Celebrity Gossip Websites

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If you are looking for celebrity gossip sites which provide detailed information about stars and entertainers, you can visit The Hollywood Gossip. This site is another small portal that is mainly dedicated to Hollywood celebrities. It provides insightful news reports and movie reviews on the lives of different celebrities and rumors that are being passed around the web. This is one of the best celebrity gossip sites online today.

Entertainment news and celebrity gossip sites are quite common today. It has become almost impossible to go on television or to watch a movie without some mention of some celebrity. Celebrities are now a part of everyone’s life. Entertainment news websites provide the latest news about them and the gossip itself.

Entertainment news and celebrity gossip has increased in popularity among people across the globe. In fact, it has become a new trend. Entertainment websites and gossip blogs provide a platform for people to talk about their favorite topics which they usually gather from blogs, magazines, TV shows, and the Internet.

According to a recent survey, almost 50% of people in the US spend at least an hour of their time browsing the Internet for entertainment news and celebrity gossip. Therefore, US readers spend almost an hour daily on average for entertainment news and celebrity gossip sites. Per year, Popsugar alone spends US $9 million on average for publishing gossip columns.

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