Eminem: You Don’t Know

Eminem is a famous rapper, producer, and actor who is considered as the bestselling artist of the early 21st century. His real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III and was born on 17th October 1972 in St. Joseph, in Missouri, US. He had an awful childhood as he was really poor and allegations of abuse. Here are some mind-blowing facts that will blow your mind.

Eminem: Things You Don’t Know About Him

Eminem’s Mother Sued Him

Eminem’s mother sued him for defaming her in one of his songs for a line that his mother does more than dopes he does.

Not A Book Reader

He is not a book reader at all. He has never read whole books in his life except one i.e., “Make My Own Rules,” a book written by LL Cool J’s.

Teen Incident

When he was a teenager, he was shot while walking to Kim’s house.

Drug Fighter

He had a great addiction to drugs like Vicodin, Ambien, and some others. So, he called Elton when he wanted to come out of this mess.

His Best-Selling Album

His worldwide bestselling album in 2010 was “Recovery.”

Rocked In The Year 2000

He had two albums as bestselling in 2000 in the top five highest albums of the year.

Stubborn On His Decisions

Eminem disagrees with the matter of “Cleaning Out My Closet,” the main theme for 8-mile as he wanted and decided to make “Lose Yourself” the main track.

Nickname “Mickey”

During his babyhood, he had big ears, so his relatives use to call him Mickey as a love name.

Hard Core Shady Recorder

He is well-known for Shady Records, so if you want to enter into it, you got to face him hard.

Eminem: Things You Don’t Know About Him
Eminem: Things You Don’t Know About Him

Stood 3rd In NME

During the November 2004 issue, he made it to third place on NME’s Cool List.

Attention Drawer

Jimmy Love from Interscope Records and Dr. Dre from Aftermath Entertainment glued into him when he won 2nd place at the 1997 Rap Olympics.

Bad School Record

Eminem Failed 9th class three times, and then he dropped out.

Owns A Radio Station

He has a radio station, “Shade 45”.

Can Play With Words

The hook “Just Lose t” just took 30 seconds to frame.

Had Fastest-Selling Album

His album “Marshall Mathers LP” was the fastest-selling album in the US.

Eminem: Things You Don’t Know About Him
Eminem: Things You Don’t Know About Him

Claims Relationship With Mariah Carey

He claims that he was in a relationship with Mariah Carey in 2001, but the lady denies it and says he gives false statements.

Rejected Oscar Singing

The man has even denied singing in Oscars as the people there wanted him to sing the clean version of “Lose Yourself,” which he did not want to. He wanted to maintain the originality of his song.

Named In Guinness Book

He even stands out in Guinness Book Of World Records for being the most successful solo artist with the number 1 album in the US. He became famous for that.

Grammy Awards

In total, he had won 13 Grammys awards.

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