Drake’s Son: Facts


Listeners are shocked after listening to Drake’s album “Scorpion,” where he confirmed that he does have a son. The rumors are since 2017, but the first time he confirmed publicly in his album. He even explained why he did not go public with this news. This news has spread first with the song that Pusha-T released “The Story Of Adidon,” where Drake was criticized for behaving like a bad father. Then, the rapper responded to the singer’s remarks and acknowledged the responsibilities of a dad. You will know more about Drake’s son below.

Drake’s Son: Know Some Of These Shocking Facts

Facts About Drake’s Son

Drake’s Son: Birthday In Same Month

Adonis, Drake’s son, shares the same birthday with his father i.e., October month. Drake rapped his song and mentioned Adonis that he got a tattoo on his hand named 11, which mentions that he was born on October 11, and he even said that he couldn’t wait to get hundred more such tattoos for his baby. He even posted a photo on his Instagram with his baby after a few days when he was born.

Both Of Them Just Met Once

Drake just met his son only once and made sure that the baby and his mother must live a comfortable life in Amsterdam. Drake was not present at the time of Brussaux delivery, so he ensured they get all the things they needed during that time. Reports say, he even sent a private jet to pick Adonis and his mother so that they could be together to celebrate Christmas. This was the only time when both father and son spent time together.

Drake Claimed He Hid Son For His Own Well Being

When Pusha-T criticized Drake for not letting the world know about his son and not accepting him, then Drake replied in his song “Emotionless” about his son. He mentioned that he was not hiding his son from the world but hiding the world from his son. As the world is very cruel and takes out debate topics, so he does not want his son to indulge in all this. He even mentioned all this in his song “Diplomatic Immunity.”

Drake's Son: Know Some Of These Shocking Facts
Drake’s Son: Know Some Of These Shocking Facts

Drake Was Unsure About Being Adonis Father

In the beginning, the report says that Drake though that Adonis’s mother was just using Drake’s name for money. So, he was skeptical about being Adonis’s father. He thought she is one of the many women who claim to be pregnant by Drake. Three incidents reported that year that Drake impregnated a girl. However, two were just lies except for Brussaux as she has a very questionable background as per the reports.

“March 14” Song Dedicated To Adonis

March 14 was a special day for Drake. He flew to Wyoming to meet Kanye West and record his song. Then, he got a DNA test report which confirmed that Adonis is his son and Drake was Adonis’s father. He mentioned in his song that Adonis’s mother might not be his lover forever, but the kid is his.