Difference Among the Lifestyle of Celebrities over the Years

celebrities then and now

Celebrity in America has continually given us an outlet for our imagination, just because the gods and demigods of historic Greece and Rome as soon as they did. As soon as the well-known performed a nearly godlike status, one which was regarded impermeable and historical (do not forget Lincoln or Washington, Charles Lindbergh or Jesse Owens), nowadays, celebrities exist for and with the aid of using a data age. In our worldwide and atomized international of bits and bytes, wherein data is immediate to be had and significant in its quantities and as perishable as a digital image, celebrities assist in customizing that data.

Celebrities Don’t Care About Media


The difference between celebrities then and now is that they didn’t have to care too much about the media attention they used to get. Nowadays, the media is constantly behind celebrities. Running around them to click photos of them near their homes, in the airport, market, etc. It is challenging for celebrities now to lead a life like an average person; the media constantly surround them, and it becomes alarming for them to go out of their houses without getting papped.

Nowadays, celebrities are very conscious about their food intake and physical health. Old stars didn’t have to worry about body shaming or didn’t need to care about their body shape for getting roles. Nowadays, celebs need to be of a certain weight and body shape to get more positions in the film industry. Moreover, with increasing social media influences, they need to be very conscious about their pictures, or else haters will easily body shaming them online.

Influence of the Internet


Another difference between celebrities then and now is that old celebs didn’t have to care much about social media, and that’s a blessing to them. Though social media helps stars promote their films or charity events that they are doing, they need to be very careful about their social media handling. Celebs nowadays are hiring social media managers to manage their social media accounts to make them look the best on their internet profiles. It’s a race between celebrities and how many followers follow them and how many likes they get for their posts. One tweet can blow the world, or one tweet can decrease your fan following. Recently when Jennifer Anniston joined Instagram and posted a photo including the main cast of FRIENDS, that picture broke the internet and became the most liked picture within one hour. These things matter a lot to celebrities now, which earlier the old celebrities didn’t care about.


With the evolving world, the life of celebrities is also changing. The meaning of the word celebrity itself has changed a lot. An average person with one famous pic, meme, or tweet can become a celebrity overnight. It is becoming harder for celebrities to lead an everyday personal life because they become big news or create a big internet sensation. Overall, celebrities are judged by their skills now, but their overall lives are significant for the average population.

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